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Friday, September 19, 2014

GIVEAWAY!!!! $25 Gift Certificate from Fabric Outlet!

***ADDED NOTE*** Friends, just to clarify.  I am hosting the current giveaway for Kim at Fabric Outlet as an effort to show my support for her small business and get the word out about her shop. This can be especially difficult for smaller businesses today, and I have seen many have to downsize considerably or close because they can't compete with Big Box stores. The current giveaway was designed specifically to help her as she stepped out into Twitter to broaden her reach. She is one small fish in a huge ocean, so my effort is to simply try and help create a few extra splashes in her direction. 

Thanks for your support and understanding. Good luck and thanks for keeping this fun!

It's your LUCKY DAY!!!!!
Fabric Outlet is new to Twitter and is looking for new friends to share their tweets with! Help introduce them to the Twitter world and enter for your chance at a $25 Gift Certificate to their shop!

I've been ordering from Fabric Outlet for a long while now, and here's just a peek of some of the great quality fabrics I've snagged at their incredible discount prices! Each Thursday they host a "Thrifty Thursday" on their facebook page, with designer fabrics marked down to unbelievable prices! You'll want to check it out
If you'd like to join the fun and enter for your chance at the $25 Gift Certificate, just follow the easy Rafflecopter prompts below. Open to all! 
**NOTE - The gift certificate is for material purchases from Fabric Outlet and does NOT apply towards shipping. Shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the gift certificate winner.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Winner to be announced & emailed Friday, September 26 and expected to respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner may be selected.
Good Luck to All!!!!

You can find Fabric Outlet's On-line Shop HERE.
Fabric Outlet on Facebook HERE.
Fabric Outlet on Twitter HERE.
Fabric Outlet on Instagram HERE.
Follow all to be sure not to miss anything! :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let's Talk Textiles - Understanding Batting

  Kim from Fabric Outlet is back today for our "Let's Talk Textiles" series with some great information about batting options. 

    In my shop we sell a variety of batting choices and our customers very often do not know the difference until they see and touch it.  You also might not know which one would be best for your project so here are a few suggestions!

   If you are making a large quilt for your king size bed you should use a needle punched batting. This type of batting is very easy to work with  because the fibers that hold it together also help it from being slippery.  They come in some choices, there is the all cotton or mostly cotton type, the best known brand is Warm and Natural. The only drawback to this type is that it is so dense it is hard to stitch through.  There are blends, such as Hobbs 80/20, an 80% cotton and 20% polyester mix.  These usually look and feel very much like an all cotton batting but are lighter and therefore easier to stitch through.  And then there are all polyester types in different lofts, or thicknesses (or puffiness, if you will).  If your doing a baby blanket or a puffy pattern type quilt you might opt for this type.  Warning, it is slippery to work with but a little more forgiving then needle punched types if your quilt gets a little skewed.  
  Now, for the quilting "purists" there are some other options, such as bamboo or silk but that is very pricy!  
R to L - Warm & Natural Cotton Needle Punched, Medium Loft Polyester, 80/20 Blend
  Unless a baby has a known allergy or Mom is a naturalist, the polyester medium or high loft is a good choice for a baby comforter.  For a blanket type quilt you should stick to a needle punched type and personally I would suggest an 80/20 mix.  Its easiest to work with and will create maximum warmth for the baby.

In support of our November Project, Kim is offering a special on Pre-Cut Crib Size (36x45) batting in the Hobbs 80/20 for $6.75 or Medium Loft Poly for $4.75 plus shipping. She also has lots of great baby quilt panels and quality quilting cottons. Simply message her with your order or any questions.
Thanks Kim!
You can search "Let's Talk Textiles" in the sidebar for other textile learning opportunities from Kim! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's Talk Textiles - Flannels &'re perfect winter fabrics!

It's time to talk textiles again with our friend Kim from Fabric Outlet!
With winter months approaching we start thinking about warmer and cozier things to make, especially as Christmas gifts.  So I thought you might like to read a bit about flannels and fleece to help you shop for those fabrics with confidence! 

   There are several different grades of flannel, from the thick and thirsty to the almost thread barren see through look.  Remember to look for a name brand, you won't be disappointed that it costs a little more.  Ask the sales clerk if it is a "quilting flannel", those are the best grade and they won't pill up after one or two washes! And always wash flannel before you start your project because it has a much higher percent of shrinkage than other types of cottons. 
  There are several different kinds of fleece too! Regular polyester fleece will look the same on both sides, you won't see any weft. There is no need to wash it as shrinkage is minimal.   Micro fleece, Sweatshirt fleece, Minky fleece and especially Cuddle fleece are so soft and yummy but not recommended for tie blankets because they will shred when you cut your strips. I have seen many people who bring in something they bought from elsewhere without knowing the difference and had a mess on their hands. Be sure to buy Anti-Pill fleece, all fleece will pill eventually but Anti-Pill will last much longer without looking any different wash after wash. 

   I will be posting lots of flannels for this coming Friday Sale on my page!  Have fun creating!

Fabric Outlet has an amazing selection of FLEECES & FLANNELS in-stock and at outstanding prices!

Find Fabric Outlet on facebook here, where she lists all her newest arrivals, sales and specials!

Search "Let's Talk Textiles" in the sidebar for other great educational posts.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's Talk Textiles - How to Mix Fabric Prints

 It's time for another "Let's Talk Textiles" entry from our friend Kim at Fabric Outlet. Today's topic, is one I'm excited to learn more about, how to mix fabric prints. Take it away Kim! 

Hello everyone! If you have ever wondered if there is a formula for mixing prints, there is! At least some guidelines and if you follow these you can mix prints as well as the top designers! First, decide on a main color that will run throughout the prints. Let's say your choice is red. Then find the "main" print you want. This should have curved lines like a floral. Then find a stripe or a geometric pattern with straight lines that has at least 30% of your main color or at least 10% of a couple of the secondary colors. Try to stay somewhat close to the same scale as your main print. You can bring in a few new colors as long as they are not predominant.  
Then find a third print that is of a different scale then either of the first two. Not crazy different but if you have 1/2" flowers and 1/4" stripes or chevrons then go with tiny pin dots or maybe 1" dots. Again, they should also be at least 30% of your main color or another predominant color color from your main print. At this point you don't want to try to blend in any more different colors. Too many colors will confuse the viewer just as too many of the same type of prints will.  
And that is why its good to follow some guidelines. You can certainly play with the guidelines, switch them around or add more prints using the same logic. Heres the thing, it is really fun to do this yourself rather than relying on finding the pre-coordinated sets from manufacturers. I have found that another guideline that works for me is knowing when to stop! Editing yourself is the best guideline to have in any type of design! 
***BONUS! Hopeful Threads Sewing Participants!*** I am offering a free zipper with each yard purchased this month to help you with your projects! Happy Sewing!

Thanks Kim! Great information and advice!

Find Fabric Outlet on Facebook Here.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's Talk Textiles - An educational series brought to you by Fabric Outlet and Hopeful Threads

I'm so excited to have Kim from Fabric Outlet here today to help kick off a new educational series for us called, "Let's Talk Textiles". Kim is going to help us learn more about the products we love. 

Hi!  My name is Kim and I LOVE fabric!  I don't just love fabric...I am addicted to fabric! I love trims and notions and needle crafts and beading too! I love it all so much I had to open a store.  I own the Fabric Outlet in Yucca Valley, Ca. and online at my website and on facebook.  We started in 2005 and have now grown to include 3,500 sq ft of all the stuff I love.
  Now that introductions have been made lets talk textiles, my favorite subject.  I know that you sew a project every month and this month is a fidget apron.  The best fabric to buy for this project would be cotton, cotton broadcloth, light canvas or poplin.  What's the difference?  
  Regular quilt weight cotton is a bit misleading because it can come in many different weights!  The weight is determined by the thread count. The thread count is the number of threads per one-inch square of fabric, including vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads woven together.
Some of the less expensive cottons can feel thin and/or have a loose weave similar to gauze.  These may tend to look thread bare after just a few washings. On the other hand sometimes the less expensive brands can feel sort of heavy and stiff. They still do not have a high thread count but each strand has been individually "fattened up" with starch before it is woven or starched to an inch of its life after the fact! 
   Cotton broadcloth IS actually made on a wider loom but the strands are twisted with higher fiber content.  So it may or may not feel a bit heavier but it is always a tighter weave. Poplin is a tight weave also and can be all cotton or a blend. Its characteristic crisper yet "satiny" feel is a give away. Canvas comes in all sorts of weights, from a lighter apparel weight to a home decor weight to upholstery and outdoor weight.
  Your time is valuable and if you are going to take time to sew something you should use something worthy!  That doesn't mean the most expensive materials you can find but there is no shortage of fabric choices out there.  My husband can tell you that!  
We support Hopeful Threads and would like to give each of you 2 free zippers and a 20% discount on all orders this month! Simply mention Hopeful Threads when ordering. Check out the sample album here for some great options for this month's project. 

Be sure to visit the Fabric Outlet online shop and follow on Facebook for all the weekly deals and promotions!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fabric GIVEAWAY from Fabric Outlet!!!

And the best part....YOU can WIN IT!!!
 That's right! The eccentrically stocked Fabric Outlet is offering you the chance to win this adorable Hello Kitty Fabric Bundle that includes 11 Fat Quarters and a cheery rainbow panel! Wouldn't those sweet prints make some perfect children's bibs for our February Project!?!?!

If you aren't yet familiar with Fabric Outlet, let me introduce you, because you've been missing out! Fabric Outlet is a fully functioning brick & mortar store, with an online presence solely on facebook at this is currently under construction though, so keep watch for that special announcement as I'm sure it will include a celebration of some sort! Kim, the owner, is an expert at finding high quality fabrics and offering them to you at outlet savings prices! In addition to albums and albums of gorgeous fabrics for you to drool yourself through, she also offers a weekly "$5 Friday" where all the specially selected fabrics of the day are ONLY $5 a yard! She also likes to have little prizes and incentives for those that order too, so don't be surprised if there's a bonus treat in your package. :)

If you have a US SHIPPING address and you'd like to be entered to win this adorable bundle, simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts below.

Winner to be announced and emailed 2/11/13 and given 48 hours to respond or an alternate winner will have to be selected.

Thank you Fabric Outlet for your continued support of Hopeful Threads and this adorable and generous giveaway!
Good Luck to all!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fabric Outlet GIVEAWAY!!!

Fabric Outlet has been a sponsor at Hopeful Threads for several months now and today she has a surprise for you!!!

 Kim, the owner, offers a fully functioning, brick & mortar quilt shop in Yucca Valley, CA. And for you on-line shoppers, a NEW website is in the works, but for now, you can order through her facebook page where she has loads of weekly specials and sales, including her infamous "$5 Fridays" where she offers quality, name brand fabrics for ONLY $5 a yard!
I'm tellin' don't want to miss it!

To order, you simply make a comment with the yardage amount under the picture of the fabric you are interested in purchasing, and then send Kim a message with your order details and paypal email for invoicing. Easy as that! And she always includes little treats and bonuses in your bundle like buttons, ribbon or even extra fabric! Such fun!!!

 Today, you have the chance to win $25 Shop Credit to Fabric Outlet!
Enter here...


First time customers, when you message your FIRST ORDER to Kim, include the code "HopeFirst" and you will receive 20% off her already discounted prices! WOW! 
Click the image below to start shopping.

**Please Note** Shop credit good towards merchandise only, does not apply to shipping.

Thank you so much for this generous giveaway & discount Fabric Outlet!
Good Luck to All!
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