Friday, January 14, 2011

Plethora of Pillowcases!!!

The fabrics have been sorted, selected, measured and cut. I have a main print and a coordinating cuff for 30 pillowcases ready to be sewn....perhaps a bit zealous for this first project, but they are so simple and it was so much fun to start visualizing each one. Guess we'll see! :) There's still half the month to get these together....should be safe....right??? Anyone else making any progress or decided who might get their pillowcase(s)? 
Interesting thing....I accidentally spelled "pillowcase" wrong earlier as "pillowcause". I'm thinking it may actually be appropriate since we are making these for a specific cause, to make someone else feel special and loved. I like it! Our first project, PILLOWCAUSES!

Hope you're all having fun!


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