Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personalized PEEPS!!!

The morning started off pretty normal around here. Coffee & email routine while everyone gets stirring. As I was checking through some emails/facebook/blog posts, I followed a link that led me to The first thing to catch my eye was this adorable Bunny Peep Bunting at the top of the page.

I LOVE PEEPS! No really! Like one of those lifetime favorites that without question makes the "Last Meal" list. (although, I think they robbed some of the nostalgia by coming out with other holiday versions. Peeps are NOT pumpkins and hearts....and I still ONLY by the chicks/bunnies. I'll come down from my Peep soapbox now.) Something about the fact that I only allow myself to eat them once a year makes it ok to loose count during the time that I do. ;) Anyway, I knew we had to make this, and soon realized it was one of the delightful creations of a very fun and craft inspirational blog I follow, may be familiar with it too, fun stuff! (if you're not, check it out, she has lots of fun ideas for the coming Easter month already posted!) Thank you Dana for sharing this clever idea, we have had so much fun with it today!

So the children and I set their daily lessons aside for a bit this morning and commenced to creating felt Peeps....another new fluffy love! And let me just say, these bunnies did indeed multiply!
 We made bunting for the windows...

 ...bunting for the chalkboard...

 ...bunting for the bunk beds, and I was having such fun with this, that I decided to make them each a Peep shirt. And why not make the Peep to match their personality? So the fluffy fun continued. The girls, of course, couldn't pick just one, so they ended up with 2 each.

Princess Peep
Angel Peep
 Flower Child Peep
 Love Bunny

The boys didn't have any blank Ts in their closet, so we'll have to grab a couple next time we're at the store. But, we did at least get their Peeps designed...

Pirate Peep
 Geek Peep

Loving these!
What a blast! I can certainly imagine more Peep inspired projects in our future!

So what are you making these days? Anything special in the works?

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