Saturday, February 11, 2012

Delicate Fortress - Shop With Purpose

We live in a very unique time. The convenience of the internet and online shopping allows us an opportunity to not only learn more about the  products we purchase, but also to search out shops and businesses that do more than just sell a product. Today I want to introduce you to one of those.

Spend just a short time on their website and you'll see how very serious they are about their mission!
From their site:
"What we're fighting...
Human Trafficking
Extreme Poverty
Child Exploitation
Modern Day Slavery
The Orphan Crisis"

And the cool and I can support them and this amazing mission simply by choosing to purchase items that we might normally purchase elsewhere from Delicate Fortress instead. The list of unique, high-quality items they have to offer includes, jewelry, accessories for you and your home, clothing, handbags, stationary and bath products! Far more than I can share here, so you'll just have to jump over and take a look around!
Looking for a bigger way to contribute to the work they are doing? Make sure and read the Made with Purpose section on the website!

You can learn more on the Delicate Fortress website here.
Follow along on their blog here or become a fan on facebook here.

Take a minute today to get to know more about Delicate Fortress and the meaningful work behind their shop! I am so grateful for people who give with their lives this way!!!


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