Friday, January 17, 2014

TUTORIAL - Reusable Absorbent Underpads - Bed pads

I make these Reusable & Absorbent Underpads for a little friend of mine occasionally, and thought it might be a project others could use as well, so today I'm sharing a tutorial.

These pads are very easy to sew and while I mostly make them for medical purposes, they can be used for a variety of things. Some ways to use them are changing pads, for learning to sleep in big kid undies, for incontinence, for home birth and postpartum/menstrual....many possibilities.
Supplies Needed:
1 yard PUL or other waterproof fabric
1 yard cotton batting for absorbency
1 yard flannel
1 package bias tape or at least 3 yards of fold-over elastic for binding (this will be enough for a finished pad that measures approximately 24x36, so you may need to adjust based on the size of the pad you are sewing.)

Layer your fabrics with the batting sandwiched between your flannel and PUL. The flannel is going to be the fabric upright, so a print specific to your project might be fun. I typically sew for kids, so I like to use lots of playful and colorful prints. 
Pin your layer and stitch with a 1/4"-1/2" seam all along the outer edge. I like to cut my PUL a bit larger in case there is any shifting during sewing. 

Once layers are stitched together, trim neatly all around the edge to about a 1/4".

I think it is easier to apply bias tape and fold-over elastic to rounded corners, so I like to round the corners of my pads with any round object, and trim. 

Now you are ready to apply either your bias tape or fold-over elastic to finish the edges. 

I often like to sew my trim with one of my machine's zig zag stitches. This allows you to catch the underside of the trim more easily. 

There you have it! So much softer, cuter and more personal than disposables. Before you know it, you'll have a nice bundle of these so there are plenty to use between wash days. 



Leigh said...

Awesome tutorial and so much easier than the way I made the last couple a few years ago. I definitely need to make some more soon, and I will be using this tutorial. Thank you for sharing this!

Cheryl said...

This is just what we need currently for my mom's chair! Thank you!

Sondra said...

Great tutorial, Kristy! So many children/adults can use this.

Cal said...

Thank you for this tutorial!

sally (send to said...

I am making this bed pad, but wondered if the flannel and batting should be pre washed to avoid shrinkage causing plucking at the seam as the PUL won't shrink? Sally

adjadean said...

Very neat, I am private caretaker for elderly and these will be so helpful. What is PUL???

Kristy said...

Questions are replied to directly where emails are available. Thanks & Happy Sewing!

Hope said...

Thank you so much for posting this. My 7 year old son became handicapped at age two and lately he is breaking out in cold sweats that make his clothes feel like he went swimming. The cotton chucks I bought online help with his bed. I was looking for something to do for his wheel chair that the material wouldn't cause him to sweat more. He definitely needs cotton. So my question is what do you think of cloth diapers under the flannel instead of the cotton batting. I need cool and absorbent. Second I didn't see any extra quilting stitching to hold the cotton batten in place. I guess I'm assuming between the flannel and bias tape it is enough to hold up to washing and stay in place. please email me at thanks.

Jane Mariouw said...

so very sorry about your son. do you know why or how? the same thing happened to my son years ago and he became epileptic and dev delayed. we had to make many things including special clothes. after all these years of research i learned it was his shots/ vaccines which caused his brain damage.
much strength and hope to you

Unknown said...

Polyurethane laminate which makes it wa

Unknown said...

It makes the pad waterproof.

Nidhi said...

The prints are so good, can you share links from where you bought these items?

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