Monday, December 1, 2014

December at Hopeful Threads

As is tradition around here, the month of December is reserved for family time, rest and reflection. I love this time of year and soaking every bit of it with my starry eyed little ones....who ask daily how many more days until Christmas! ;)

I'll still be sewing of course....I mean come on! 
I have a long list of items to work on and hopefully finish for family. Stockings, PJs and LOTS of baking ahead! I'll share here as I have time, but I also invite you to follow along on Instagram here where I enjoy easily sharing peeks of everyday life in the Hopeful Threads home.  

As a quick reminder, for those participating in our 4th Quarter Project for Children's Hospital, today is the day to get those donations shipped! :) You can get the shipping address and any further info on the POST HERE. Thank you all for giving back the way you do! Every. Stitch. Matters.


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