Thursday, July 30, 2015

Personalized Placemat Pillows Tutorial

 This is so easy it's almost embarrassing! LOL! 
Certainly one of the quickest and easiest pillows I've ever sewn!

I started with textured, black placemats I had found on clearance. 
 Drew out the initials I wanted to fit the front and used iron on adhesive to attach to placemat for my applique stitching. I used a funky gold thread for the machine didn't like it much, but it turned out so pretty and was a nice added touch with the other gold accents in the room. 

 Once my initials were appliqued in place, I sewed the two placemats together, wrong sides together. I left a small opening, about 2 inches, to stuff the pillow. 

 Stuffed. Stitched. Fluffed and added to the pile!
A fast, easy and fun project to add personalization to any space!

For more creative Placemat sewing, check out my Petite Placemat Tote Tutorial HERE!



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