Where to buy?

I'm often asked if I sell any of the items I make, and the answer is yes! In limited quantity, I do offer a variety of my handmade items with the purpose of helping financially support the charitable sewing I do. My little business is called ZooNique Baby and you can find out what is currently available on my Instagram page or my facebook page, follow my biz blog HERE and email me to ask further questions HERE
Thanks so much for your interest in supporting my sewing outreach!


Jan and Bev Laverty said...

HI There,
I want to make the XL oven mitt from your tutorial of March 2013. Do you happen to recall where you purchased that "mustache" material? It may not still be around, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

My son is very involved in Mustache March - every march they have a drive for cancer (see www.mustachemarch.com), sort of like the pink ribbons for Women's breast cancer.

That's why I'd like this particular material so I can make the oven mitts to give to Mustache March. Thanks for your help. Bev Laverty

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