Monday, April 11, 2011

Bibbity Bobbity BIBS!

First.... oregongirl, you were selected as one of the Sew Baby bib pattern winners. I've emailed but haven't received a response yet. Please claim your prize by noon Wednesday (April, 13th) or I'll have to select another winner. Thanks!

Now, onto BIBS!!! I'm going to do a kind of walk through of using this pattern booklet donated by Sew Baby...

This pattern booklet is chock full of applique patterns and very detailed easy to follow instructions. Each applique has individual instructions that pay close attention to the fun details making the appliques interesting.

Another thing I really appreciated was this diagram showing you how to get the most from your fabric when using the included patterns.
For this project, I chose to work with the Infant Bib, but the booklet also has a Toddler Bib and Burpcloth pattern included.

 Start by choosing your fabrics. I picked some playful flannel prints and terrycloth for these.

Cut out your bibs and appliques according to the booklet instructions.

Add the applique to the terrycloth (or blank) side of your bib.

 Baste stitch your bib layers together. Done here with a green thread so you can easily see how close to the edge it is. This is important so that the stitching will be covered by the trim.

Add binding as instructed in booklet. There are actually 2 stitch options provided for this, I chose the zig-zag. Cotton binding makes a lovely finish, but can sometimes me tricky to work with. I used fold-over elastic on many of these. The stretch in it allows it to take the curves much easier, and as long as you don't stretch it too much while sewing, will still provide a smooth, attractive finish.

And here they are! These 8 have been added to the others I already had done. I plan to pair them with another upcoming project to make a gift set of sorts before donating. 

I also finished these this weekend...

 Well, almost! :)
  Oh  my goodness!!! These things are good! Thankfully they are only around for "spring" because I certainly would be in trouble otherwise! 
I always have to have a little chocolate when sewing....anything you "have to have" to keep those creative juices and energy flowing???


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