Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Checklists and Monthly Finale...a bit early!

We're running a mile a minute around here these days as we are only "3 sleeps" away from our spring break vacation to the beach!!! The children are all in a whirlwind and well, I'm spinning right in the middle of them!

BUT...there is still laundry and packing and grocery shopping and all the other preparations required in order to rest, so, I'm going to post my project finale a bit early this month.

Here are my bibs that I'll be donating, 20 of them so far. Perhaps I'll have time to add a few more before passing them on. Bibs are always fun to make! They are colorful, turn out so cute and the fabric options are endless...not to mention you can use small cuts or leftovers from other projects in many cases! My assortment includes the terry cloth/flannel ones I made using the Sew Baby pattern and then some made using playful cotton prints, minky, chenille, and even a few wipe clean bibs made from laminated cotton. I'm still undecided exactly where these will go as I had wanted to add some other items to them to make little layette type sets, but we'll see. If a need for them pops up before then, well, they are ready to go!

We'll be back from our (hopefully) restful trip end of month, and I will post the project for May probably that Monday, the 2nd. Ooooooo!!! It's a good one too!!! And includes more surprises! :) FUN! FUN! Can't wait to share!

P.S. If you are sewing any of the projects for donation, make sure and snap a picture or two...might need those at some point in the future! ;)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my tutorial for a no-sew shopping cart cover! I'm your newest follower and hope you will stop by again soon and follow me, as well. :)

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