Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PUL - What is it and do you want some???

What is PUL anyway?
PUL officially stands for "Polyester Urethane Laminate". However, most any fabric that is laminated, cotton, knit, whatever, often carries the name of PUL. I suppose PUL is universally known as a laminated or waterproof fabric. It is NOT the same as vinyl or oilcloth in a variety of ways. Those ways include, the type of lamination, the thickness of lamination and the fact that PUL is most often laminated on the fabrics wrong side for use as cloth diapers and diaper covers. PUL has a nice drape and in addition to being a practical fabric option for diapering items I've seen it used for many different things like raincoats, bibs, shower curtains and cloth pads like we made in August, to name a few. 

PUL is the fabric I am using to make the Preemie Diaper Covers for our October monthly project. I will be using both polyester and cotton laminates that I have in my stash. Being that these covers are so tiny, I may even be able to use some scraps from other projects!

Where can you find PUL?
Up until just recently, most folks could only buy PUL from on line sources. Typical fabric stores in your local community often didn't carry it. However, if you have a JoAnn's near you, they are now carrying a line called Babyville that is making cloth diapering supplies much more convenient for home sewers. It can be expensive, so make sure to take advantage of those coupons! ;)

If you are interested in committing to sew covers for Hopeful Threads monthly project this month, I have a large donation of PUL that I will share with you free. I just ask that you cover the cost of shipping...and I can only ship to US addresses. Requesting the PUL also means that you understand it is to be used primarily for donation, though I don't mind if you use some for yourself, it is just not to be sold or used in a product you would make for sale. The color that I have available is the burgundy/maroon color in the picture below.
I can send packages by stuffed Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope for $5.50 or Flat Rate Box for $11.50.
All payments/shipping will be handled through Paypal to allow for tracking. If you are interested, please email me and we can arrange details. I will respond in the order in which messages are received and will ship as long as there is PUL to send! (and I have a BUNCH!)  No longer available...thanks!

And for the Fold-Over Elastic (FOE) that you will need for the covers, remember Kathy's Lace & Elastics carries LOTS at great prices! She's the one that offered the great giveaway last month, so it's always nice to say "Thanks!". :)

For those unable to get your hands on PUL/FOE, I will share diaper covers made from other fabrics/materials as well, so please stay tuned!


Rebecca said...

I've worked with PUL and laminate and it is really easy to work with. There's an online group that buys it at some good prices that I can give the link to anyone that's interested. And I have a giveaway on my blog for a yard of laminate :)

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