Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bushel of CUTE!!!!

Seriously folks, if it weren't for having a couple of weeks of sleepless nights with sick and cranky little ones, these would certainly have me wishing for a tiny bundle! ;) 
It just doesn't get any cuter!
These tiny covers have turned out so sweet, I hope they are just as useful for our friends caring for the precious preemies they were specially made for.

I couldn't help but to take a ridiculous number of photos, so humor me for a minute and take a look at a few. Thanks! :)

If you are using the template I linked to at the beginning of the month, I did want to mention one thing for those of you using SNAPS for the closure. The picture on the template page only shows a single snap on each side of the tabs for closure, but the template has multiple snaps as shown here...

Because I was in "batch sewing mode" I made the mistake of marking all of my covers with the multiple snap placement spots which are not necessary on such a small cover, so my covers all have an extra dot like this...
We'll just call it my signature. ;)

Also, if you want to add an overlapping snap on one tab as I did, I had to place the socket part in between the second and third mark that I had made to get it to align in the appropriate place, as you can see here with the marks peeking out on the sides.
Otherwise everything lined up beautifully and made for a very sweet little cover!
I love how the front dips down just a bit to allow for the umbilical cord too.

I ended up with a bushel basket of 31 covers for my contribution to the monthly project!
I've also heard from the first of you whose covers are on their way to me....I can't wait to share them when they arrive! Remember, if you plan to send covers (and enter the AWESOME monthly project giveaway!!!) You have one week left! The covers must be mailed by this Friday, October 28th to be able to arrive in time before my friend travels.

Email me if you have any questions and thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support of the outreach of Hopeful Threads!

Join us and share YOUR creativity!
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