Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PJ Madness!!!!!

 Yea, so I'm one of those that usually has the bright idea, when I'm already covered up with more than is humanly possible to get finished, to go ahead and make the extra PJs the kids need while I'm sewing their Christmas sets. Anyone else like that??? It sounded good, at least at first. ;) Half way through I was thinking "What was I thinking???", but trudged on and got them all done and I'm so glad I did! The children were thrilled and have pretty much lived in the new PJs....other than when we have to leave the house of course....which we are keeping to a minimum as we soak up this holiday time! 

 And since I made them all....17+ sets counting all those darling penguins that is....and since they won't be seen outside the house for someone to comment on and allow me that "proud mama" moment of basking in my all get to see them! ;) Thanks sweet friends for humoring me! Now, brace yourselves....
Sock Frogs
Silly Frogs
Firemen Heroes!

Hello Kitty Fleece   

Disco Lights
Tie Dye Peace
Rainbow Love
Fairy Princess
Love Birds 

The patterns I used were a couple of McCall's and the quick to sew, Simple 30 min. Shorts.

 And this, my friends, was the mess I ended up with because I just cut and pile as I'm working...this would drive my mother INSANE!!! She's quite the "tidy seamstress"....I make a HUGE mess in the moment and then clean it all at once. I suppose whatever works best for each. :)
I'm still sneezing fabric fuzz from all the cutting too! :)

And let's just say that new to me serger I recently purchased has been well worked in!
Now for the recovery process. Thanks for letting me share! 
Happy Sewing!!!


Marci Girl said...

Yes, little lady, you are officially super woman! So impressive, and so many awesome pj's!

Aimee said...

Looks like you've been super busy! I love the frog ones. :)

Danny Heyen said...

Holy cow, girl! The sets look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a lot of pjs! But they are so cute!! I really should make some for my kids. They would love it!

nickle said...

I do that ALL the time. Maybe we will learn one of these days, but I do enjoy the challenge. I was wondering what type of serger you have. I really need to get one.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

17 sets!!! Impressive or crazy.... LOL!!! Bet you're glad you did them all at once, now they're finished. They all look fabulous, but my favourite is the Love Birds with the heart and bow.

Jodi - usairdoll said...

WoW!! You really are Amazing!! Everything is sew cute! Best dressed kids around. hehe. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great New Years!!

Melissa said...

Those are so freaking darling!

Garilyn S said...

Those are great! The ballerina and Hello Kitty would be loved in this house! I may have to get busy for an upcoming birthday!!

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