Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Flannel PJs

Yes, I realize probably every sewing blog on the planet is posting about PJs, but it IS that time of year, and they are just so cute and fun....and this isn't likely to be my only post this month about them. :)

This sweet set came to be from an up-cycled T and a flannel remnant.
Yep, that old gray T was a hand-me-down from big brother that just wasn't quite "princess" enough for our little mama had to fix that! ;)
It was fun and easy to do too!
Once you've ironed your applique adhesive to your fabric, draw your shape right on the paper backing. Fold fabric in half and cut out shape. In this instance I made a bow to match the print on the flannel being used for the pj pants.

Adhere the applique to the shirt per package instructions and choose your thread. Since the fabric had a little glittery edge around the bows, I selected an iridescent rayon thread. 
The thread added a fun touch, but note that this thread is very stiff and scratchy and even with using regular cotton thread in the bobbin, it still pulled through to the inside of the shirt and I had to cover it with a bit of extra fabric to keep it from irritating the babe's skin. Plus, you can't iron this kind of thread....which doesn't matter in this case unless you iron your PJs....we certainly do NOT! :)

Once I had the bow applique on, I added a chunky button for the knot.
All I can say is we certainly made brother's ugly gray T very pretty! 

I made the pants from a remnant of flannel and McCall's pattern 4283.

Little Princess was pleased! 

So was Mama. :)

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