Monday, March 3, 2014

Treasures in UNexpected places!

Well, I must admit.....when the Hubs pulled into the giant, tool outlet store....with ALL 6 kiddos in tow....I wasn't exactly excited. :) Not the best place to keep little hands safe and busy while daddy enjoys a leisurely look about. But....he's (almost) always a really good sport about my fabric store stops, so, I agreed with a smile. 

Much to my surprise, I was able to find some great things at REALLY great prices, perfect for my sewing! I found all of these goodies, and for steal of a deal prices! The tape measures were only 69 cents each and are a durable quality. I'm all the time loosing my serger tweezers, so now I have a back up pair, and I think they were only $1.29. Can't beat it! I'll probably wish I had bought several. I thought the little clips would be useful for holding ribbons when I'm tying bows, and they were only 25 cents each! I bet they would work well for holding quilt binding in place while sewing too. My "big" spend was for the extra long hemostats I had been wanting for a while to help with stuffing long & narrow arms and legs on my plushies, I think they were $3.99. So all in all, a great little assortment of very useful tools for Mama was found too!   

One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Sewing Essentials also didn't come from a sewing/craft store. Nope, I actually "stole" this beauty from Hub's tool box. :) It's a super sized magnetic dish that sits right beside my machine. I don't even have to look while sewing, just toss the pins in the general direction of this heavy duty bowl, and it snatches 'em right up! It was designed to hold nuts and bolts while working on a car. I LOVE this thing!!!

Here's wishing you some pleasant and unexpected surprises in your week!

For posts sharing more of my favorite "Sewing Essentials", see the tab labeled such at the top of the blog. Lots of fun tools and gadgets that make sewing even more fun!


Pieces to Love said...

The hardware store is a great place to buy sewing gadgets. I buy all my d-rings there usually about $0.49 ea. where I pay almost $4 at the fabric store for 4.

JLVerde said...

Ooh, I'm envious of your hemostats. I've always wondered if they really help with turning items and I'm too cheap to buy a pair only to find out I hate them.

(I use the plug from a fitness ball to jab out those tiny pieces and hope I don't blow out the seam!)

Christine Welsh said...

Great finds! :) Thanks for sharing....I will be keeping a closer eye out next time my hubby drags me to the hardware store! LOLL
ChrisW Designs

Momma-Brenda said...

Great ideas! I bought Bill one of those magnetic trays and he never uses. I think I will ask him if he'd like to part with it. :)

Kristy said...

@Mama-Brenda, it's one of the most well used items in my sewing room! Hope you enjoy it too! :)

Katy P said...

I don't know why but I have always loved shopping hardware stores, especially in new to me cities. Great finds!

Melissa said...

I love my hemostat! Another essential for me was a magnet that gets longer or shorter as needed. I use it to pick up dropped pins without ever bending over!

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