Monday, June 23, 2014

Pattern Review - Hugh Manatee by Lindsay Sews

Couldn't wait to share this fluffy fella with you!
This is Hugh Manatee, the recently released pattern from Lindsay Sews. Lindsay generously sent him over for me to use for the FLUFF Drive and I'm so glad I got to make a couple! They were a lot of fun and turned out so cute!

 Mine were made from a blue-gray anti-pill fleece. I used pre-cut wool felt circles for his eyes, but you could also embroider them, use safety eyes or of course, cut your own from fabric. The sides of his mouth are stitched down to give him that pouty face of a Manatee. This is a large plushie and measures near 24" finished.

These guys got a good test squeeze from my Lil' Guy before making their way to our FLUFF Drive pile. They totally passed the test too, just so you know. ;)

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Find the adorable Hugh Manatee pattern HERE.

Sewing Experience Level: Beginner
Size Range: N/A
Special Techniques: No real special techniques required. Very straight forward pattern with easy to follow photos.
Pattern Format: PDF
Materials Used: Fleece, embroidery floss, Fairfield poly-fil stuffing, felt circles for eyes.
Personal Notes: Fun & quick to make, and after my son got to test squeeze these, he decided that he need to have one added to his personal "for mom to make me" list. :)

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sewVery said...

These guys are so cute! Great pattern!

AmyS said...

They came out just great! I love this picture of your son holding them. I've got to make one (at least).

Kristy said...

Thanks Amy! :) He thought they were great, so I think the kiddos who receive them will too! (He's put his personal order in for a red one! His favorite color.) ;)

Pam @Threading My Way said...

They do look ever so huggable!!!

Baye said...

I was wandering around Pam of Threading My Way's links and found this one. I love it. It does, indeed, have that manatee look. Thanks for sharing it. It's on my to-do list for sure.

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