Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fabric Destash! Help me clear these goodies out!!!

If you are like me, you often purchase fabric with genuine plans or intentions that well, never seem to materialize. PLEASE tell me I'm NOT alone!!!!! :) I've been holding on to a variety of fabrics I've purchased waaaaaaay too long and am ready to DESTASH to make my sewing space more functional. 

I have a lot of really great polyester print fabrics that I originally purchased with the intent of having laminated for cloth diaper sewing. I've finally accepted....Not going to happen.

I also have a variety of knits available, like this fun thermal knit.

I have a lot of vintage fabrics that I bought....well.....just because I loved them. I've used some, but I have waaaaaay too much and it's time to let some go. There are some REALLY unique pieces for your consideration! :)

I also have a bunch of patterns I have created a variety of bundles from....many of these patterns are vintage. I acquired a BUNCH of vintage patterns, and have not been through them all, so I am not certain of the contents. Prices will reflect this. I will note when they are new on the images.

Lastly, I have separated and bundled all my cotton scraps and have POUNDS of them at great prices ready to head to your homes!!! :)

Find all that's available in my DESTASH Flickr Album HERE.
Comment "SOLD" under any images you want to purchase, note yardage if necessary, and then email me with your PayPal address for invoicing.
Prices do not include shipping. I am happy to combine as many as you'd like and will ship the least expensive way possible including tracking. International interest is welcome, however, I can not provide tracking for those packages and obviously can not be held responsible for them once they have shipped. 

Email me with any questions.
Please, help me clear this out!
Spread the word to all your sewing and quilting friends! 


Cheryl said...

Ouch, I feel old! "Vintage" patterns -- I recognize some I made for my daughters :-) .

JLVerde said...

That rodent fabric is funky to the max. Where did you ever find that?

Since it's a blend I'm not going to snap it up. I'm not familiar with other types of fabric (beyond cotton/flannel and the evil fleece). So best not to add it to my own stash if I'll be too afraid to use it.

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