Friday, August 22, 2014

Sewing Essential - Simple Serger Shifting Solution

:) Say that 5 times fast! :)

I was working with my serger the other night and it nearly leaped off my my desk! I immediately remembered using a piece of shelf liner on my old desk to help keep it in place, so, went on the hunt.

You can find this stuff by the roll, and pretty inexpensively. I've even found it at dollar and discount stores. I happened to have a roll stashed away, as it is also very good cut in thin strips to use on hairbows to keep them from sliding.....but that's another post. ;)

It's a foamy sort of sheet that completely prevents shifting and slipping. 
 I rolled a nice piece out, cut it and doubled it over to fit nicely under all 4 of my serger's feet. 
Right back to work.....with no machine leaping.
Happier and much safer stitching!
Go ahead and add that to your shopping list. Then, check out some of my other favorite sewing enhancers on my "Sewing Essentials" page at the top of the blog or by clicking HERE.


Brooke said...

I used this for one of my sewing machines recently and it really does work!

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