Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Card Party - Party With US!!!!

I absolutely LOVE IT when one of the readers and participants at Hopeful Threads has an idea of how to touch lives and make a project even better!!!! This exciting opportunity is a perfect example! My friend Cheryl from had this great idea to shower our little buddy Elijah James with cards! Whether you are sewing along with us for our 4th Quarter Project already or not, this is certainly a very special way you can participate in bringing some extra big smiles to an extra special boy and his family!!!! 
Read more from Cheryl here.....

Have you ever seen reports of someone receiving hundreds or thousands of cards thru a card party?  Have you ever had the opportunity to participate in one?  Well today you do and here is your invitation:

Elijah James Card Party Invitation

Eli has been thru so much since his birth and yet he continues to smile and encourage others.  I recently spent time getting to know him thru his Facebook page and found a post by his mother stating "he had 19 surgical procedures during 8 trips to the OR in 3 months" this past summer. This image below was after the last one.  If only I could smile like this thru my own trials.

This December Eli will bring encouragement by delivering the pillowcases and puppets we are sewing to give to other kids spending time in the hospital.  How fun it will be to surprise him with encouragement thru a bounty of cards!  You can mail your card with your pillowcases and/or puppets or just mail one separately.  Even if you are unable to participate in the 4th Quarter Sewing Project here on Hopeful Threads you can participate by sending a card to brighten Eli's day.

Eli's fourth birthday will be in December which provides us with an additional type of card to send.  Any of the following cards will be great:
  • Birthday
  • Christmas
  • Thinking of You
Maybe you know others who would like to send a card.  Perhaps even a group of children at school, church or in a club would like to make cards to send.  Please share your invitation with them!!!  They will be blessed as they bless Eli.

Mail your cards to:

Echelon Florist
Attn: Elijah James Card Party
1260 Rocky Hill Road
Knoxville, TN   37919

THANK YOU ALL for your interest and desire to GIVE BACK in big ways!!!!
And THANK YOU Cheryl for this wonderful idea and your initiative to put it all together! Can't wait to get my crew making some fun cards for our little friend! 



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