Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pattern Review - Rose Red Woodland Doll by Lella Boutique

May I introduce you to Little Rose Red. 
This sweet pattern comes from Lella Boutique and is the latest sweet stuffed friends I have sewn for our FLUFF Project
As with all our FLUFF Project donations, these five little darlings will soon make their way to five special children currently in foster care. 

I can't say enough good things about this sweet pattern!
The pattern pays close attention to detail, which is clearly evident in the construction and personality of your dolls as they are coming together. Well written instructions with illustrations make it a very straight forward pattern to follow. In addition to the sweet doll herself, the pattern includes a removable cape and skirt, so your dolly could easily have a full wardrobe of interchangeable outfits! I chose not to include the cape/skirts with mine since there is risk that they could become separated from the dolls on their journeys to their new homes. 

The pattern calls for a painted face, but I've not much experience with fabric paints for dolls, so I chose to hand embroider the faces on my dolls with french knots for the eyes and simple satin stitching for the mouths. I also used wool flannel for the hair since it was what I had available, and loved the soft texture it provided.
You can find the pattern in both PDF and paper formats in the Lella Boutique shop HERE. One thing she offers that I haven't seen very often, is the option to get BOTH the PDF and paper pattern for only $2 more than buying either of the options separately. I think this is such a great idea!!! This way I get the best of both worlds for a very reasonable price! I love the convenience of PDF patterns and the ease of printing and re-printing pattern pieces, but I must admit, I am a tangible girl. Having the instructions fully laid out in front of me on my work table is definitely my preferred way to work. 

A very warm THANK YOU to Vanessa of Lella Boutique for very generously sending me this sweet pattern in both formats. When I shared with her about the FLUFF Project, she thought it sounded like a great cause and didn't hesitate to show her support. I am so very grateful and know those that receive these sweet dolls will love them! 
Rose Red Woodland Doll Pattern by Lella Boutique
Oh, and don't you just adore the fabric used on the pattern cover!?!?! The print for the dolls hair couldn't be more perfect! This fabric is from the collection Into the Woods, also by Lella Boutique for Moda. The whole collection is beautiful and currently available in multiple'll want to search your favorite fabric shops for it!

Sewing Experience: Confident Beginner with doll making experience
Size Range: N/A
Special Techniques: Sewing, turning and stuffing small doll parts
Pattern Format: Available in both PDF and Paper
Materials Used: Cotton woven prints, wool flannel for hair, floss for facial feature embroidery, Fairfield World polyester stuffing.
Personal Notes: Darling doll that I will definitely sew again! I will adjust placement of the arms a little lower next time to allow them to lay more smoothly, by placing them completely below the shoulder curve.

These sweeties are the 1st for our next delivery box.....which is a little EXTRA exciting!!!!! When we make the next delivery, we will have delivered OVER 1,000 stuffed friends for children in foster care!!!! Unbelievable!!!! And still, going strong! Thank you all so much for caring for some many in this meaningful and loving way. It matters. So much!

Learn more about the FLUFF Project and how you can participate by clicking the image below.
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