Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Serged Cloth Pads

If you have a serger, I wanted to share another free pad pattern. This is a super quick and easy pattern from JayeJaye.

I had never used this pattern, and my serger strongly protests PUL, but I still had 21 pads made in one evening of sewing. Point being, it really is quick & easy!
 Print the PDF pattern linked above and cut out. Directions are printed right on the pattern, as seen below.
 The first step is to cut your 8x8 square layers from absorbent fabric, I used cotton flannel. Then, serge around the edges of your 8x8 square layers which will serve as the tri-fold pad.
 Then, you'll sew one side of of the 8x8 tri-fold to the top layer(s) of the pad. Stitch line is again marked on the pattern print out. 
 I used PUL scraps I had on hand from other projects to provide a waterproof bottom layer, but you can also use fleece, wool or even additional layers of flannel or other cotton fabrics.
 I still need to add snaps to wings of the pads, but I'm very pleased with the turn out. You could also sew small pieces of velcro as an alternate closure. (wish my serger would have cooperated for prettier stitching, but they are certainly functional!)

NOTE: One advantage to this tri-fold style of cloth pad is easier, more thorough washing and faster drying. Considering that many of our recipients will not have the convenience of washers & dryers like most of us, this style may be a more practical and appealing option.
At this rate, I may have to raise that target goal of 250 pads though! ;)
I'll try another pad pattern soon and share the results of it as well.
Hope you're having a great week of sewing too!

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Is your trifold soaker 2 layers of flannel? do you know how many layers of normal flannel is sufficient? I have some where Killington? flannel was used, (4 layers), but don't know the comparison to regular flannel??? Sorry for all the questions LOL

Kristy said...

No problem at all, I'm so glad you asked! I used 2 layers of regular cotton flannel (joanns) in the trifold and 2 layers for the top wing layers. This would make 8 layers of flannel absorbency when the 8x8 is tri folded..then 1 layer of PUL on the bottom.

Killington is a much nicer/thicker flannel, so I'd think 2 layers of it for the tri-fold and 2 for the top would be sufficient as well.

Please let me know if you have any other questions too, I'm happy to help! :)

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