Sunday, August 14, 2011

YUM! The perfect Banana Brunch Bread!

Stumbled across this yummy recipe that I just had to try. It was so good, I thought I better share too! ;) Quick and easy and super moist!

Mine didn't turn out quite as beautiful as her' really gotta pay attention to that "don't over process the cream cheese filling" part! ;) Nonetheless, it was delicious and certainly a recipe I will use again!

Thanks for tempting and sharing the recipe Yadira!
Off to have another piece....all warm and smothered in butter!!! YUM!


Kat @ KaydeeBunz said...

Yes!! I was just looking for a banana bread recipe and this one looks delish!! Thanks for sharing :)

Yadira said...

Kristy, thank you very much for sharing about the bread recipe. I'm very happy that you liked it! Did you encounter any issues while making it?

@ Kat: You should really try it. It's too yummy.

Kristy said...

You bet Yadira! No issues at all other than it was all gone way too fast! ;) I think I did over process the cream cheese part a bit since most of it disappeared in the bread, but it was so delicious!!! I'll definitely be trying it again!

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