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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1.....LOTS of GOOD NEWS!

It's the 1st of February and I have lots of fun and exciting things to share with you!!!!

First up, I am honored to share with you the creative efforts of my friend Jessica at Noguchi Designs. Jessica contacted me several weeks ago to discuss a special idea she had to help support the FLUFF Project on going. Her plan was to begin selling stuffed toy sets and for each set that sold, a stuffed toy would be donated to the FLUFF Project for a child in foster care. I of course LOVED IT!!!! Jessica has been stitching away and is now ready to begin filling fluffy orders. Will you please help spread the word? Find out more HERE.

It's THAT time again!!!!
Time for another very special Hidden Treasures auction to help a family on the journey to be connected with their child. Each of the children/families supported through Hidden Treasures is unique. These are  often medically fragile and special needs adoptions, and any support you can contribute either with donations, bids are spreading the word is a blessing. Thank you!
Find out more HERE.
Lastly, I was thrilled to be contacted by Spoonful requesting one of my hair accessory tutorials for a special Valentines round-up! You can read that post HERE. And if you aren't yet familiar with you're likely to have a nice long visit, as there is MUCH to see and learn and create being shared there!

And remember....we are in full swing with our 1st Quarter Project for 2014. Would love to have you join in! You can get all the details for that right HERE!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

FINAL DAY of Hidden Treasures Auction!

Today is the FINAL DAY of the current Hidden Treasures auction....the FINAL AUCTION of the 2013 year! 
Can I ask you to please take a minute to visit the auction and consider bidding on one of the incredible donations? There are loads of gift cards, handmade gifts, candies, jewelry, toys and MORE!!!! All items will be shipped in time for Christmas, so this is a great way to get a gift and GIVE one at the same time!!! Just click on the Hidden Treasures logo image above and you'll be there!
I have one of my Super Dolls in the auction again who is currently well below the regular retail price they sell for! Wouldn't he be perfect for a little "super" fella in your life???

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The AIVI Doll Carrier - Create H.O.P.E. Designs Sew Along Blogger Share!

Today I'm excited to have my friend Lisa here to share her Create H.O.P.E. Designs sewing! Take it away Lisa! 

Thank you, Kristy, for having me as a part of this wonderful Create H.O.P.E. sew along! I was super excited when Kristy asked me if I would like to review the Avivi Doll Carrier pattern (by Yellow Hibiscus). My little girl has been asking me for a carrier for her baby for a while now. (Interestingly, her doll's name is baby Hope. :) ) When she started asking me, I asked Kristy for a good option, since I knew she would have one, and the first thing she said was the Avivi Doll Carrier. I rushed off and bought it within five minutes. Unfortunately, it took me a couple months to be able to make it. And let me just say, my baby girl was tickled when she woke up to discover her doll in it!
As far as the pattern goes, it was easy to read, easy to understand, and in spite of one mistake I made, the project went together in an under two hours. Here are my fabric pieces after cutting:                                                                                                                                            Image
You may not notice, but this picture has my mistake. The first time I cut out the main body of the carrier, I did so without having the pattern pieces fully constructed. I forgot to tape the lower strip on which completes the length of the piece. After I took this picture I had to re-cut my fabric to have them the proper size. Apart from that mistake, which was not at all due to the pattern, I really enjoyed making this project and using this pattern. Here is my finished carrier:
ImageImage                                                             Image

And here is the carrier on my little model!
Image     Image   
And I could not resist sharing this gratuitous cuteness! She is a happy little dolly mommy! :)  

I would say it was a project success! :)
I definitely recommend this pattern to anyone looking to make a doll carrier for a special little girl in their life.
Thanks again Kristy for letting me share some time on your blog.
Lisa :)

THANK YOU LISA!!! :) Your carrier and your precious model are absolutely ADORABLE!!!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dixie the Pony Stuffie - Create H.O.P.E. Designs Sew Along + COUPON!!!

Sharing my first Create H.O.P.E. Designs project, Dixie. This pony pattern is contributed by our friend and sponsor My Funny Buddy

 Like all My Funny Buddy PDF patterns, this is a straight forward, easy-to-follow pattern that leaves nothing out! This little pony is quick to put together and a great first sewing project too in my opinion.

Her tail is a loop that can easily be attached to plastic rings to keep her close to a little ones' stroller or carseat. No plastic eyes and such make her perfect for even newborns and depending on the fabrics used, might even just be your tweens favorite stuffed friend too. ;) 

This image shows Dixie with the adorable saddle blanket rolled and tied at her neck. Pattern and instructions for the blanket included in the pattern. 
Remember, all Create H.O.P.E. Designs patterns are only $5 each and the money raised by the sale of the patterns is donated to organizations providing care for some of the most vulnerable children worldwide.  

My Funny Buddy is offering a special coupon for those who purchase ANY pattern from Create H.O.P.E. Designs this month. Simply email My Funny Buddy with your receipt from your purchase and she will respond with a coupon good for $5 in her shop......which would let you get any of the other adorable patterns in her shop for ONLY $1! That includes her newest pattern for the insanely sweet Ghost Family!
Wow!!!! Thanks My Funny Buddy! Here's a peek at some of her other cuteness...that you could get for a buck!

My sweet Dixies have been added to my current FLUFF Project box to be donated to children in foster care. The fabric for my Dixie stuffies was provided by Binkeez for Comfort as they graciously & generously sent me the trimmings from their gorgeous giving blankets!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get to Know China Little Flower/Little Flower Projects

Today I want to start our month of sewing with explaining the "WHY?" behind our sewing. Let me introduce you to China Little Flower/Little Flower Projects

The work of Little Flower Projects was begun by Brent and Serena Johnson in 1995 when they became aware of the great need for specialized care programs for the abandoned children living in China.  In 1998 they began the process of setting up as a registered non-profit in the USA and received 501(c)(3) status in 2000.  Brent and Serena have always donated their time, energy, expertise and resources to the organization and accept no salary or financial compensation for their work.  
Brent and Serena met in China as exchange students in the central province of Shanxi in 1990.  After they were married in the USA, they returned to China and started helping babies, one at a time.  They began with no thoughts of doing this work on a large scale, systematic basis but by 1998 they realized how effective these specialized services  were and had secured funding to open a small 12 bed home for disabled orphans.  From 2004 to 2009 they worked with China Care Foundation to help set up and run a unique set of programs serving disabled orphans in China.  In 2009 they again threw their time and energy into  expanding the work of Little Flower.  In 2011 Brent was invited to join the board of directors of the Beijing Chunmiao Foundation, a registered Beijing-based charity.  In 2012 the Little Flower orphan care projects were fully lodged with Chunmiao but continue to be managed by Brent and Serena and operated by the fantastic Little Flower staff. 
Brent and Serena live in Beijing with their six children.  Brent’s full time job is working as an executive manager for a large international health care company that operates hospitals and clinics across China.  The couple share the responsibilities of supervising the day to day care, medical treatment and education of the Little Flower children, as well as the promotion, fundraising, financial and administrative side of running the organization.   They work with over 160 talented and dedicated Little Flower employees who share the same goal - to make a difference in the lives of abandoned children!

Folks, we have an amazing privilege and opportunity to support this beautiful work while doing something we love as much as sewing.....WOW. How lucky are we???
Create H.O.P.E. Designs

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2013 - Monthly Project Announcement

OH MY!!!!
I love what I am privileged to do through Hopeful Threads each month! I get excited about each Monthly Project, but this month, I'm especially PUMPED!!!!! I have been working like crazy behind the scenes to make this an exciting, fun and impact-full month of sewing and am thrilled to finally be able to share all the details with YOU!

For September, we will be having a Create H.O.P.E. Designs Sew Along!!!!

For those not familiar with Create H.O.P.E. Designs, let me proudly introduce you! CHD is the materialized dream of my friend (and 1 of the amazing designers behind Izzy & Ivy Designs!!!) Shasta. She had the incredible idea to bring those within the creative community together in a way that uses something we all share and love, SEWING/QUILTING, to give back to children in need. As soon as I heard the first mention of it, I began stalking her posts awaiting further announcements! I even helped come up with the name! 
My doodles while trying to think of name possibilities.
The CHD pattern collection includes a variety of different patterns from purses, soft toys and quilts to clothing, decorations and MORE! Each PDF pattern is sold for ONLY $5 and the monies raised go to support the work of organizations like China Little Flower, an incredible organization providing care for some of the most fragile of China's orphans. So thankful for their beautiful work!
Create H.O.P.E. Designs has continued to gradually grow and add new designers and we are all hoping that it will just get BIGGER & BIGGER & BIGGER, allowing the impact of those purchased patterns to grow at the same time!

That's where you come in! :)
If you are a pattern designer, I hope you will take a moment to learn more about CHD and find out how you can be a part!!! You can email Shasta directly if you have questions or interest.  

If you are a seamstress or quilter, I hope you will regularly check out the CHD patterns, purchase and use them, and share about them with your friends! If you have a favorite pattern designer, maybe you might even consider messaging them and sharing how you'd love to see one of their patterns in the Create H.O.P.E. Designs collection!

So, in participation with the Monthly Project at Hopeful Threads for September, I invite you to sew along using any of the Create H.O.P.E. Designs patterns! You can get a jump start on Christmas gifts, sew your Little One a new outfit, make one of the stuffed toys for the FLUFF Project :) or even donate your creation to a special fundraiser like Hidden Treasures. Whatever you choose to do, I hope that as you are sewing this month, you will be encouraged and inspired knowing that your purchase and donations are making a difference in the lives of children in need. Thank you in advance!

But the fun just keeps getting SWEETER!!!!
These FAB FOLKS are sponsoring our September Sew Along!
And when I say "sponsoring" I kind of mean SPOILING!!!! ;)

As you sew, be sure and snap a pic of your finished project to share in our September Project Album here. Because.....we have an AMAZING list of prizes to be given away at the end of the month from some INCREDIBLE folks in the creative community who are sponsoring our sew along, and winners will be selected from the photos shared in our album!
Aivilo Charlotte Designs - Winner's choice of 3 PDF patterns!
Cute Quilt Patterns - Posy Patch Quilt Kit (includes pattern & fabrics to make this gorgeous quilt!) 
Fishsticks Designs - Winner's choice of 4 PDF patterns!
Hopeful Threads - A+ Portfolio Kit (includes pattern & fabrics to make this fun project!)
Lilybird Studio - Winner's choice of 3 PDF patterns!
The Mean Princess - MASTER Pattern Bundle! (includes each PDF pattern currently available in her collection!)
My Funny Buddy - 5 PDF Pattern Bundle, winner's choice of designs!
Seamingly Smitten - TWO 3 PDF Pattern Bundles!
Petite Kids Boutique - 2 PDF Pattern Bundle!
Izzy & Ivy Designs - GRAND PRIZE BUNDLE! Garden Party Skirts Pattern Book, Monster Mash Pattern Book, Brooklyn's Boho Beachwear Pattern Book +AND+ $100 Gift Card to Fat Quarter Shop!!!!!

I can hardly sit still I'm so excited!!!!!!! 
Please, take a minute to say a BIG "Thank You" to these sponsors! This Sew Along is going to be even more fun because of them!

 It's time to start those machines, get to stitching and MAKE A DIFFERENCE this month! 
Let's go!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

These are the moments.....

The moments that stop you in your tracks.
When I am privileged to receive photos of those we sew for using the gifts we made especially for them, well, there's nothing else like it!

These moments are always a reminder of WHY we do what we do each month, and WHY Hopeful Threads even exists. 
It's humbling and inspiring in overwhelming ways at the same time.
The blessings I receive from sewing with you all each month for such meaningful projects far, far outweighs the time, effort and resources invested. 

If you participated in the February 2013 Project and helped make child-sized bibs, may these photos encourage you and bring you BIG SMILES today!!!

(All photos property of Hidden Treasures Foster Home/Loaves and Fishes International. Used with permission. Please do not copy of reuse without permission.) 
 How about the sweet faces of the children you took the time to sew for!!!
Doesn't it feel amazing to see something YOU made in use for the purpose you made it!?!?!

This was part of the message that accompanied the photos....
"We are so touched because we can feel the outpouring of tender love, quality of workmanship and genuine giving that went into the making of each bib.  These bibs brighten the daily life of not only the children but everyone who cares for them and visits the home.  The variety of patterns and colors makes a person smile, and I believe makes the child feel very special.  Thank you!!"

  I personally love seeing photos of caregivers with the children. You can see the bonds and love and tender care that are being nurtured. I am so thankful for organizations like Loaves and Fishes International that are making such a difference in the lives of so many!

If you don't see any of yours in the photos here, don't worry. :) There were so many made for the project, (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!) that they are having to be sent in smaller bundles with different travelers. This means they will continue to receive these cheerful and useful items for months to come. I love it!!!

Thank you. 
Thank you for being such a huge part of my dreams materializing. 
Thank you for caring for these precious children and all the others we sew for each month. 
My heart is so full!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hidden Treasures - One Small Thing

There is a new Hidden Treasures auction going on now to support another super special family on their way to their super special son! Here's a perfect opportunity to do One Small Thing to make a BIG difference this month!

  • Share about Hidden Treasures with your friends & family.
  • Follow the Hidden Treasures Blog.
  • Check out the current auction & tweet your favorite item.
  • Bid on something special for a Christmas gift that GIVES even more! 
Starting bids as low as $5!
Ends 12/7/12

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