Monday, October 7, 2013

Holiday Fundraiser to support Hopeful Threads/FLUFF Project!

My friends at Quantum Jewelry have offered me a very special opportunity to use their beautiful, SnowWonders® Snowflakes Christmas Ornaments for a fundraiser for Hopeful Threads! 

They believe strongly in giving back, and have very tender hearts for children in need, and so they would like to show their support for the ongoing outreach efforts of Hopeful Threads and the FLUFF Project by offering these beautifully crafted keepsakes to you and your families. From now through December 1, 2013, you can purchase any of their SnowWonders® Snowflakes Ornaments, and know that you are also helping Hopeful Threads! For each $15 ornament ordered through me, Hopeful Threads will receive $10 to put towards the FLUFF Project! This is a HUGE blessing, especially as we go into the holidays and would like to make sure plenty of stuffed friends are on hand for the kiddos! 
***UPDATE!!!*** Just received this message from my friend Tammy at Quantum Jewelry regarding our Ornament Fundraiser posted about this morning... "Kristy, I just got word from an anonymous donor that they will match 5.00 to each ornament ordered. THAT means you keep the full 15.00 for each ornament sold!!!!!! Great news for a MONDAY! Loving it!" 

I don't know what to say! THANK YOU!!!! Both the Quantum Jewelry family and this generous anonymous donor!!! 

Here's a glimpse at some of the intricately detailed and personally themed ornaments available...

 And my personal favorite with thimbles, needles and scissors, perfect for the Seamstress!

These beautiful ornaments are a unique & personal gift for all those on your holiday shopping list!

To order, you can check out the individual options in the "Ornament Fundraiser Album" on the Hopeful Threads facebook page or see the complete selection at . Then, email me with the name(s) of the ornament(s) you'd like to order. I will invoice you and then forward your paid order on to Quantum for delivery. (orders must come through me for Hopeful Threads to receive our portion)
Further details in the "Ornament Fundraiser Album".

Order yours and support the FLUFF Project to provide stuffed friends for children in foster care!

EMAIL ME with any questions at all!
And THANK YOU for allowing your holiday shopping to help Hopeful Threads!


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