Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Neon Studded Jeans - Bring dreary denim back to life!

These new Neon Studs from My Buttons are the perfect thing to bring life back to a dreary pair of jeans! 

Simple & fun to use, I turned my 13 year old daughter loose with a rubber mallet and a handful of the Neon Studs and she embellished a pair of her jeans so cute!
Simply slide a sturdy book or piece of wood inside of where you will be applying the studs to prevent it from securing to both layers. Create whatever pattern you desire with the studs. Gently but firmly thump each stud with the mallet to secure it in place. 

And in no time, you're all set and very stylish! ;)
Seen here also wearing her "Button Bling", you can find that tutorial HERE.

You can find the new Neon Studs at your JoAnn's store or on-line at

Thanks to Button Lovers for providing the studs for our project! 


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Such a fun idea for a teenager to add bling to jeans.

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