Friday, September 19, 2014

GIVEAWAY!!!! $25 Gift Certificate from Fabric Outlet!

***ADDED NOTE*** Friends, just to clarify.  I am hosting the current giveaway for Kim at Fabric Outlet as an effort to show my support for her small business and get the word out about her shop. This can be especially difficult for smaller businesses today, and I have seen many have to downsize considerably or close because they can't compete with Big Box stores. The current giveaway was designed specifically to help her as she stepped out into Twitter to broaden her reach. She is one small fish in a huge ocean, so my effort is to simply try and help create a few extra splashes in her direction. 

Thanks for your support and understanding. Good luck and thanks for keeping this fun!

It's your LUCKY DAY!!!!!
Fabric Outlet is new to Twitter and is looking for new friends to share their tweets with! Help introduce them to the Twitter world and enter for your chance at a $25 Gift Certificate to their shop!

I've been ordering from Fabric Outlet for a long while now, and here's just a peek of some of the great quality fabrics I've snagged at their incredible discount prices! Each Thursday they host a "Thrifty Thursday" on their facebook page, with designer fabrics marked down to unbelievable prices! You'll want to check it out
If you'd like to join the fun and enter for your chance at the $25 Gift Certificate, just follow the easy Rafflecopter prompts below. Open to all! 
**NOTE - The gift certificate is for material purchases from Fabric Outlet and does NOT apply towards shipping. Shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the gift certificate winner.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Winner to be announced & emailed Friday, September 26 and expected to respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner may be selected.
Good Luck to All!!!!

You can find Fabric Outlet's On-line Shop HERE.
Fabric Outlet on Facebook HERE.
Fabric Outlet on Twitter HERE.
Fabric Outlet on Instagram HERE.
Follow all to be sure not to miss anything! :)


Rachell said...

So very sad. I don't Twitter. I don't Instagram.
If having a Twitter account is the only way to get an entry, that's making me very sad.

Kristy said...

Bummer. This giveaway was specifically to help her grow her new twitter page. Obviously this isn't always the case with giveaways, so maybe next time will be a good one for you. :)

OhioLori said...

Sad that we who choose NOT to do FB, Twitter, etc etc cannot participate in so many cool Give-a-ways anymore... :(

Kristy said...

It's simply a choice. The whole purpose of this giveaway, just as it stated in the post, is to help her grow her Twitter account as it is brand new. There are many giveaways that I host and that others host that are open for other opportunities. I think it's just part of the online business world.....folks are trying to advertise what they have to offer and it can be really hard for small businesses like this to compete with mainstream. Why I offered to help. I'm thankful that she is trying, as I love to shop from her and get her great deals. It's not personal, it's simply an effort to increase exposure. :)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Kristy said...

Just as an opportunity to share more information about WHY I even host giveaways, check out my "Giveaways" tab at the top of my blog. Thanks! :)

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