Thursday, September 18, 2014

#TBT - Throw Back Thursday, Babyville Cloth Diapers

This week I FINALLY had the privilege of meeting with the young mothers that I made all these darling diapers for! It was such a wonderful class and I look forward to many more! 
They all loved how cute these sweet diapers were and hopefully at least a few will take on the money saving challenge of using cloth with their little ones, even if only part-time. 

Be sure to click over HERE to see all the adorable diapers sewn with the fabric generously provided by Babyville Boutique for this special project.

And here's a couple of snapshots of the class in action.

Thanks again for your continued support and encouragement of m y projects Babyville Boutique!



Needled Mom said...

Those are so cute. Surely wish that they were around when I was using all of the cloth diapers.

Sheila Perl said...

I wish we had had those diapers in my day too!! So cute and so much more comfortable than the bulky diapers and plastic pants!!

Kristy said...

Thanks Ladies! They sure are cute and soooo much easier to use than prefolds/flats and pins for sure! :) My mom says I'm spoiled! ;)

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