Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Annabelle's Wish!

 I wanted to take a minute to give a proper introduction and glimpse into the work of Annabelle's Wish, the organization who will be arranging delivery of the bloomers we are making this month, to China!

Annabelle's Wish came to be in 1995 when the founder Jeannie was preparing to travel to China to complete the adoption of her daughter Haley.
Jeannie began gathering supplies to take to the orphanage that was caring for Haley while they were fulfilling the adoption process. Touched by the generosity of donors, she learned quickly that this wouldn't be a one time gift for her and her family. Since, they have helped deliver a variety of items like diapers, clothing, toys, vitamins and medicines to a growing  number of orphanages and foster homes in China. Additionally, they have begun to help arrange medical services and surgery like cleft lip repair, as well as, educational services for older children. They are currently serving approximately 2,000 children. 

WOW!!!! That is super exciting!

For a closer look, you can visit the Starfish Foster Home to see one of the facilities that benefits from the work and love of Annabelle's Wish and the donor's (like you!) that support them!
(For an EXTRA dose of sweetness & smiles, you can meet the other sweet babies here!)

I hope you will take a moment to get to know these incredible children and the loving caregivers that provide for their needs everyday! They are both AMAZING! There are a multitude of ways you can support their efforts and be a part of something wonderful! Their newsletter lists items that can be donated and shipped to a US address for redistribution and will save the expense of international shipping. Jeannie likes to fill the suitcases of travelers and businessmen and save the $ for supplies...I love that! If you would like to receive Annabelle's newsletter or learn more about child sponsorship, you can email here. Blessings guaranteed! :)


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