Monday, February 11, 2013

Bib Sewing - Quick Tips!

How's the Big Kid & Adult Bib Sewing going???
I wanted to take a minute to share a few "quick tips" that might help as you work on this month's project. 

Ok, if you are on our facebook page, you may have already seen this. I'm a big fan of getting the absolute MOST you can out of your fabric! This is 1 yard of a high-quality, pre-washed cotton print, folded with the selvages on the sides (right & left), and I was able to carefully cut 6 of the Big Kid Tie bibs and I even used the little scrap strip on the side for one set of ties! I was pretty pleased. :)

To speed up or simplify the process on any of the tie bibs, you can use pre-made bias tape. I think the Extra Wide Double Fold works best, but if carefully sewn, any will work. If you have ever sewn dresses for Dress A Girl, you may have a bag of bias scraps that will work perfectly for this and use them up at the same time! 

Bonnie has shared another option for the Snap Bib on her blog for those of you that have a serger. It makes for a QUICK finish! You can see the details here on the Fishsticks Designs blog.

Lastly, several of you who are sewing bibs with a leak resistant backing have asked about alternate fabrics that can be used for that. PUL as mentioned originally is a great option, but fleece and laminate fabrics are also useful alternatives. Waterproof backing is NOT a requirement, simply a preferred suggestion for the Children's Bibs based on what they are being used for. 

All associated with this project extend our sincerest gratitude for your sewing!
Our group album is already beginning to fill up with a fabulous assortment of bibs for both adults and children and we are so excited to see your beautiful and generous work! 

As always, any questions, feel free to email me. :)



Emilie Papp said...

will one layer of flannel backed with pul work for the big kid bibs? I have some cute kids flannel prints, but not many wovens
~ emilie

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