Friday, February 15, 2013

February Mid-Month Reminder!!!!

It's that time again!!!!!
Are you sewing with us this month or are planning to??? 
First, THANK YOU!!!!! Every Stitch Matters and every bib donated to a child or adult this month will be a special gift to someone!

Just remember.....we're half way through this month's project! 
When you are ready to ship, just email me and let me know whether you have Adult Bibs going to Anita in LA or Child Bibs going to Bonnie in FL or BOTH, and I'll get the address(es) right over to you! :)

Keep sewin'!!!


Suz said...

You are doing such great work Kristy - well done! I mentioned you on my blog today as I finally responded properly to some liebster nominations (yours being the first) Thankyou:) Suz

Paskiaq said...

Is there a deadline when the children's bib must arrive? I'm in Canada and want to make sure they'll get there in time. Thanks!

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