Monday, February 25, 2013

Sewing Essential - Thermal Thimbles

 To start, I have to admit....the first time I tried these little gadgets, I wasn't convinced they were at all essential. I actually put them away and didn't use them for a long while and wasn't sure I ever would. They felt awkward and somewhat cumbersome to me when using, especially since I couldn't feel the fabric I was working with. However, after burning my fingers repeatedly while making the ties for my bibs this month, I decided to give them a try once again.

And this time, I have decided that I really, really like them!
I just had to give myself the chance to get used to them. 

The thimbles themselves are a soft silicone that slides over the tips of your fingers. They are designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand and will stretch comfortably to do so. I also included my middle finger since I use it when folding the bias tape too. The thimbles are heat resistant and help you grip and press your fabric without burning your fingers. 
They really do prevent the raw burnt finger tips that otherwise occur when making a large about of bias or binding!

So there you have it. Thermal Thimbles. Another interesting "Sewing Essential" to add to your box of tricks! 
For other tools and notions I consider "essential" in my sewing room, check out the "Sewing Essentials" page at the top of the blog.

Now.....I think I REALLY need to make some time to sew myself a new ironing board cover, as this one is officially past yucky don't ya think! ;)


Melissa said...

Sounds like something this accident prone last could use! Lol

Kellie Staton said...

I've heard you can use ones that they use at the post office. They are at Walmart in office supplies.

I am laughing about your ironing board comment. Yours is perfectly clean compared to mine. What is funny is that I just ordered a new right before coming here to read today's post. I have an oversized board from Germany that I have to order a cover for.

Sooli said...

Thanks for sharing, I haven't seen these before. After doing a cathedral window block recently on the Something New Sampler I would definitely invest in some of these if I decided to make a larger project with them!

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Oh cool, I have not seen these before so thanks for showing and demonstrating them for us. You're so silly, I didn't even notice your ironing board until you said something, hehe.

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