Saturday, January 29, 2011


 Yep! Just in time.....but that's often how things work around here! ;) Here are some pics of my finished pillowcases....ended up with 28, so not bad considering my eyes had started crossing with all the polka dots and serging! Now, to figure out how to get our Flickr pool working properly.....ugh how I dislike reading instructions!!! lol!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pillowcause Progress Report???

How are those pillowcases coming along out there??? Hoping to get mine serged today...we'll see I guess! I'll post pic if I do.

Pssst....already know what next months project will be and it's a fun one too, perfect for those of us who are beginning to itch for a little more sun! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Subscribe Via Email Option

For those of you who were interested in following the blog updates via email rather than blogger, we have set up that option in the tab on the right sidebar. YAY! for learning something new about blogging!!! :) Yes, I know I'm like one of only 3 people on the planet who actually had to read to figure out HOW to do this! Nonetheless, it is now there! :) Happy Day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Plethora of Pillowcases!!!

The fabrics have been sorted, selected, measured and cut. I have a main print and a coordinating cuff for 30 pillowcases ready to be sewn....perhaps a bit zealous for this first project, but they are so simple and it was so much fun to start visualizing each one. Guess we'll see! :) There's still half the month to get these together....should be safe....right??? Anyone else making any progress or decided who might get their pillowcase(s)? 
Interesting thing....I accidentally spelled "pillowcase" wrong earlier as "pillowcause". I'm thinking it may actually be appropriate since we are making these for a specific cause, to make someone else feel special and loved. I like it! Our first project, PILLOWCAUSES!

Hope you're all having fun!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Let's Get Started!

 Ok, first project, something fun and simple that everyone can participate in....Pillowcases! My girls, 9 and 11 helped make the ones pictured above, so really, EVERYONE can enjoy this! I had a lot of fun making pillowcases like this for all the kids in our family for Christmas this year too....who knows, maybe a new tradition for Christmas Eve! 
We will be donating the pillowcases we make this month to our local DCS as a gift for a child brought into foster care. Other ideas are your local Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, homeless or battered women's shelter, nursing get the idea, there are lots of places a simple, personal item like a pillowcase can make a difference! If you don't have a specific place you'd like to send the pillowcases you make, you can always find a shop that is participating in the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.  You can find a free pattern here and it's also listed in the "Free Patterns" list on the sidebar.

Please feel free to share here via comment where you will be sending your pillowcases, and I've set up a flickr group where you can share photos of your creations here.

I look forward to hearing about and seeing your creations and will share our progress along the way. Let's get sewing and have some fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Introduction - Hi Ya'll!

Hello! My name is Kristy. I love to sew and I love to do so for others. Hopeful Threads is a manifestation of several years of sewing for donation and wanting to participate in ongoing projects with others. My goal is to post a sewing activity once a month that anyone who wants to can participate in. I also hope to arrange a local sewing group that meets monthly with the same sewing focus. There are a variety of items that can be sewn to help others and we are going to explore as many as we can together, one at a time! I've listed many organizations that you can sew for anytime, so if you feel inspired, jump on in! I've also included a list of free patterns I've come across that you might find helpful as well.
So, welcome to Hopeful Threads! I'm so happy you've chosen to stop by and hope you will join me in using something we love doing, to help someone in need! 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead
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