Thursday, March 31, 2011

March FINALE! Cloth Diapers

So the March Project kind of got lost in some other good opportunities this month, but that's ok. As a matter of fact, that's exactly how this whole thing is suppose to work....see a need, look for a way to help. It's been very inspiring to see how so many people have used very unique and creative ways to reach out to others this month.

Nonetheless, we have been working on cloth diapers behind the scenes around here. We are fortunate enough to have received a very generous donation of "new" diapers in need of minor repair, and have been working our way through the bins a bit at a time. As a matter of fact, my girls have devoured the opportunity to be behind the machine! :) And this project has provided a perfect, simple and repetitive Home Ec. lesson that has really helped develop their skills and confidence. One of those win/wins!

When the diaper basket we are working on right now is finished, we will have diapers going to little ones in need of them this month in Ethiopia, Ghana and China! Very exciting!

Cloth Diapers are one of the most practical items that can be sewn for others, so we will indeed showcase them again in the future, with more details, pattern walk thrus and suggestions.

Stay tuned....I'll announce our April project tomorrow!!! :)


The winners for the Japan Relief auctions are:

Tabitha Smith - Capri Set $7

Sweet P's Organic Pets - Sock Monkey Apron $25

Watch your emails ladies, I'm sending the details to get these on their way to you!

Our family will be matching the bids they made and sending the total amount to relief efforts. Keep the Japanese people in your thoughts and prayers as they indeed have a very long road ahead with lives that will forever be changed.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personalized PEEPS!!!

The morning started off pretty normal around here. Coffee & email routine while everyone gets stirring. As I was checking through some emails/facebook/blog posts, I followed a link that led me to The first thing to catch my eye was this adorable Bunny Peep Bunting at the top of the page.

I LOVE PEEPS! No really! Like one of those lifetime favorites that without question makes the "Last Meal" list. (although, I think they robbed some of the nostalgia by coming out with other holiday versions. Peeps are NOT pumpkins and hearts....and I still ONLY by the chicks/bunnies. I'll come down from my Peep soapbox now.) Something about the fact that I only allow myself to eat them once a year makes it ok to loose count during the time that I do. ;) Anyway, I knew we had to make this, and soon realized it was one of the delightful creations of a very fun and craft inspirational blog I follow, may be familiar with it too, fun stuff! (if you're not, check it out, she has lots of fun ideas for the coming Easter month already posted!) Thank you Dana for sharing this clever idea, we have had so much fun with it today!

So the children and I set their daily lessons aside for a bit this morning and commenced to creating felt Peeps....another new fluffy love! And let me just say, these bunnies did indeed multiply!
 We made bunting for the windows...

 ...bunting for the chalkboard...

 ...bunting for the bunk beds, and I was having such fun with this, that I decided to make them each a Peep shirt. And why not make the Peep to match their personality? So the fluffy fun continued. The girls, of course, couldn't pick just one, so they ended up with 2 each.

Princess Peep
Angel Peep
 Flower Child Peep
 Love Bunny

The boys didn't have any blank Ts in their closet, so we'll have to grab a couple next time we're at the store. But, we did at least get their Peeps designed...

Pirate Peep
 Geek Peep

Loving these!
What a blast! I can certainly imagine more Peep inspired projects in our future!

So what are you making these days? Anything special in the works?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creativity Inspired!

If you think you might just have a little designer in your home, I have a suggestion for you! My youngest daughter had shown interest in the Design A Heavenly Pet Wardrobe by Fashion Angels little set at Christmas.

Anyway, I looked everywhere I could locally for it and it had sold out. :( Buuuut.....some times good things come to those who wait! The above set was running about $25 during the Christmas shopping season. Not a complete budget buster, but still, something you buy for a special occassion. We just happened into an overstock type store in our area a couple of weekends ago, and found them for less than $4 each!!! I know! I love that kind of thing! And there just happened to be 2 of them, so both my girls (9 & 11) came home with one. They have enjoyed playing with them so much! Take a look at their creative flare...

The creative MESS all over their room! ;)

The little outfits are templates that you decorate, and then velcro on the little puppies, so their clothes/accessories can be changed over and over. Being that their mama just happens to have an ever changing fabric scrap box, the possibilities for these little pooches are endless! And maybe, just maybe all this creative fun is sparking the next generation of designers....who knows! They confess the struggle it is to find stylish and modest girls clothing as they get older soooooo...... :) In the meantime, mama will just enjoy watching them enjoy something she loves too, creating with fabric.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Auction for Japan - Reminder - Final Days!

Hi all! Just a quick post to remind you of the items I have listed here for auction to raise $ for relief efforts in Japan. I will close these mid-day, this Thursday, March 31st.

Also, if you haven't peeked at the "link up" post in a bit, you should! Lots of nice items added from lots of nice folks, check them out here. This linky will be active until the 31st also, so there is still time to add your relief effort items and share the word with your friends.

Ok, here's a reminder of the items we are currently offering....
Item #1 - 24 Month Capri Set - Current bid $7
Item #2 - Sock Monkey Art Apron - Current Bid $25
You can get all the details about these items by clicking the picture, and can leave your bid in the comment section. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A lifestyle of generosity

Generosity is something I want to cultivate in my life and in my children's lives as a normal behavior. Not always a reaction to something negative...although it is very important in devastating situations like that which face Japan. Generosity shouldn't be an emotional, knee-jerk response either...although emotions will drive us to act in manner of expressing our passions sometimes. Generosity should never be a measure of our own pride or merit seeking. When I think of the message I want my acts of generosity to send to my children, I want them to witness selflessness. I want them to learn that genuine generosity is a reflection of something greater than us and our capabilities. A reflection of unconditional kindness, love and encouragement. Those are the feelings I am blessed to experience when others bestow their generosity on me.

So, with that in mind, I would like to share a little, and exercise this very lesson. :)

My most generous mother-in-law recently bought she and I knew cell phones. You know, the "smart" type. (the fact that it took me multiple days to be able to even answer the phone is irrelevant to this story....not good when your phone is smarter than you, I say!) Nonetheless, we realized very quickly that these phones weren't going to be safe dropped into our purses the way we had casually carried our sturdy flip-phones. No, these delicate, intelligent "mobile devices" (yes, apparently "cell phone" is a thing of the past...always learning!) were going to need to be carried in padded style.
Well, this led me on the search for a sewing tutorial that would produce such a protective (and pretty!) creation. That's when I found this most generous, pretty cool mama who shared the perfect, lovely, easy to follow and free tutorial for her easy cell phone pouch. Um, yea, they work equally well for "mobile devices" too in case you were wondering. I know you were. My only variations were adding a snap closure and a ribbon handle on some. They are so quick, easy and fun to make, and the fact that you can pretty much use scraps from other projects, well, even better!
And, since I sometimes get a bit carried away in my sewing....I made a few!

For my mother-in-law, to show my gratitude. For myself, to protect my new gadget. (ok, ok, I made 2 for me...I couldn't decide on a print and didn't put a ribbon handle on one, so I had to make another.) For my mom, to match the jacket I made for her birthday. A few extra to have for quick grab gifts, and, if you've read this far, this is for one of you! :) You know, sort of the generosity domino effect, trickle down, pay it forward, pass it on, random act get the idea.

Bamboo, Lavender Bloom, Penelope, Tiny Seamstress
If you follow my blog, just leave a comment on this post saying which one of the 4 in the above photo you would choose if you won and you'll be entered! For added interest, if you'd like, share in your comment a recent run-in with generosity you have had or something special that provided a teachable moment for you or your child(ren) in the way of being generous. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A WAY FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU in case you're the winner! I'll let select the winner on Friday, March 25th and will ship it out to you for your "mobile device", camera, ipod or anything else you would like to stow away. :)

Thanks for being around and for letting me share! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Sewing Opportunity for Japanese Children

The talented ladies from UCreate & Pink Fig have paired up to offer this adorable t-shirt that you can make to be sent to children in Japan. Make sure you read the message behind the design, very sweet!

I hope to find time to make a few of these. I think it would be sweet for my girls to each have one and to make identical ones to be sent, maybe even with a note/photo from my girls extending their care for their friends in Japan. A perfect way to get the kids involved and make the project even more personal.

Thanks Ucreate & Pink Fig for sharing and inspiring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Remember - Help Japan Link Up

Just wanted to bump this to the top of the post list. You can find our Help Japan Link Up here. Several really cute things being offered and still some pretty low bids on some of the auctions, so keep spreading the word and the love! :)

Also, the linky was set up through March 31st, so others are welcome to add their individual fund-raising efforts for the rest of the month.

And the March sewing focus of Cloth Diapers is still around....just haven't posted much about it, but my girls and I have been working here and there on some diapers needing repairs that were donated, and those will be making their way to Ethiopia very soon! Maybe we'll do another cloth diaper month at a later date to allow for great detail.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Matters.

This is one of my favorite quotes,
"I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something I can do." Edward Everett Hale

It can be so easy to get caught up in the thoughts of whether or not the impact one can make is even worth the effort. It can become discouraging to consider the enormity of a need such as the crisis that continues to unfold in Japan and what I, one person can do to help. Getting caught up in such thoughts would be devastating on two levels. I would indeed fail to aid my suffering friends with whatever measure and resources I have available, and I would miss out on the blessing and opportunity of doing so. I refuse! I refuse to give in to such thoughts and will do my something. As simple as it may seem. And, I am grateful for and inspired by all the others out there doing the same. All of these individual efforts will come together at some point and provide for our hurting friends around the globe. After all, that is the goal.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Item #2 - For Japan SOCK MONKEY ART APRON!!!

Seriously, who doesn't LOVE the SOCK MONKEY??? :)

 For our 2nd item being auctioned for our friends in Japan, I'm offering one of these fun, child-sized aprons. These are the perfect apron for all your little ones crafting and cooking fun! Made from high-quality MODA coated fabrics, probably better known as "oilcloth". You simply wipe it clean and let it air dry and it's ready for their next creative inspiration to hit! The gender neutral print means it's a hit with both boys and girls alike, is trimmed in black and has 2 pockets. Tie waist and adjustable neck strap. Best fit for ages 3-8.

Now, just add your bid in the comment section, and make sure I have a way to get in touch with you. Bidding will close for this apron March 31st and item will be shipped promptly once donation amount is received. I will be forwarding all donations to The Samaritan's Purse. There are so many great organizations extending help, this is just one we have worked with in the past and feel confident of their integrity. If you'd like to make a direct donation to their emergency relief efforts to help Japan as they recover, you can visit Samaritan's Purse here.

Ok, so bring on the fun!!!!And BID, BID, BID! A tell your friends too! :) 
And check out the other goodies linked up and bid on them too! :)

Spreading the Word!!!I

I've begun to email a lot of the crafty blogs I follow and invite them to "link up" to help Japan. If you are visiting Hopeful Threads because of my message, welcome! Those of us contributing time, talent and resources to this effort hope to have you join us! :)

And please, SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Item #1 - For Japan! Bright Capri Set

Ok, here is the first item I will be offering for auction to raise support for Japan....
One-of-a-Kind Bright Capri Set in Size 24 Months
This adorable set has been lovingly handmade by me and is ready for your sweetie to jump right into those warm months ahead!
The size 24M "T" is embellished with a cheery flower made from the coordinating print used for the capris. The capri pants have an elastic waistband, ruffle flare legs and a beautiful crochet ribbon trim. I'm also including a set of coordinating bows to top of those piggies.
Won't she look sweet????

Now, just add your bid in the comment section and make sure I have a way to get in touch with you. Bidding will close for this set March 31st and item will be shipped promptly once donation amount received. I will be forwarding all donations to The Samaritan's Purse. There are so many great organizations extending help, this is just one we have worked with in the past and feel confident of their integrity. If you'd like to make a direct donation to their emergency relief efforts to help Japan as they recover, you can visit Samaritan's Purse here.

Ok, so bring on the fun!!!!

Help Japan - Link Up!

Ok friends, here it is. I want to try and make something that can raise $ to send to those who are dealing with the devastation in Japan and I know others are wanting to do the same. This link up is for anyone offering their creative gifts for the purpose of helping those in Japan. Please feel free to add a link to your auctions, fundraisers and blog posts and let's use our talents to help our friends!

One Mama's Effort

Just had to share how Leisel over at Brown Paper Packages is helping those involved in the Japan crisis. Go check it out, she makes some of the most adorable things and is a super kind mama who always shares tips and ideas. Now she is willing to share her creations all to help those in need. Good stuff! She's inspiring me to do the same! After all, that is exactly what I am always proclaiming around here, that our love to create can indeed help another....even in a crisis situation such as this! Now...what to create and how to promote it....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan - How to Help?

Like most, I have been glued to updates of Japan and the recovery and hazardous containment efforts going on there. While each crisis such as this, and seems there have been many in just the past couple of years, compels a desire to help....this one hits a little closer to home. Japan holds some very dear people to our family, as well as, a part of my children's heritage.

My husband's precious grandmother was brought to the US from Japan at the end of World War II, married to his US Army soldier grandfather. I adore this woman for many, many reasons, but see her as one of the bravest people I know. When she came here, she knew no one and couldn't speak the language. She very soon became a mother, multiple times :) and survived a time in her life when I imagine she could have most used friends, pretty much alone....and didn't have the modern convenience of connecting to others like her, all over the world, via internet the way I do. Nonetheless, she raised a beautiful family and is now blessed with an abundance of grand children and even great grand children.

Additionally, my husband grew up with many an exchange student in his home from Japan. I had the most wonderful privelege of one of these individuals becoming a part of my family near 10 years ago. He was a young man, full of life and full of interest in everything about our culture. He shared openly and learned just as openly. Getting to know him was such a great experience and when he left we cried and cried. We made so many fun memories together! Since, we have kept in touch and grown to love him and his extended family even more. They continue to share their culture with our family and my children from afar. He is now a husband and a new daddy himself. And they all live in Sendai.
We've had very limited contact, but did receive a very welcome confirmation that they were ok yesterday. I wait on pins and needles to hear another response, but imagine all is completely unpredictable for them right now. So, we do what we can do for this moment and pray.

However, while my heart is churning, my brain is too. I know I want to help in some way. Whether it is simply in support of this one dear family or on a grander scale. I'm certain events will begin rising just as they do with each major catastrophe such as this....I love that about humanity. But I want to ask, if any of you see opportunities arise that our specific gifts and resources can contribute to, please, please let me know! You can post here or email me, my email address is attached to my profile. Thank you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Any Quilter's Out There?

Just had to share this very touching opportunity with you! 
Quilting is one of those things I've been trying to work up the courage to attempt for years now. Even bought the fabric intended for my first quilt. Honestly, it all intimidates me a bit. I've spent hours watching youtube "how to" videos and admiring the amazing art that is a finished quilt, but haven't yet taken the plunge. One day. It WILL happen!
In the meantime, I just came across a very special opportunity to touch the life of a baby in need with the comfort of a know that comfort....can't get it anywhere else! Cherry House Quilts is working to gather 55 quilts for little ones that have had an unfortunately, difficult start. You can read all about it here.

Quilts are certainly one of those things that can fulfill a very practical need. They can provide a warmth and comfort that is personalized and sends the message of love. All the more reason I need to get over it and take the plunge. Maybe I'll start with a class since I'm not good at reading directions a hands on learner! ;)

Go check it out!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

***Love Without Boundaries Art Auction Submission***

Yea, so I'm all about being efficient. You know the type, multi-tasking, kill two birds with one stone...though I would NEVER harm an animal!....just sayin'! I like to get the biggest bang for my buck, no matter what the circumstance. This springy creation is an example of just that! Doesn't it just beckon sunshine and warm breezes??? Don't you immediately want to sing about a kite??? Ok, ok...anyway.... Remember that post I shared a few days ago about the upcoming Love Without Boundaries Art Auction? You know the one where I was tempting you to participate with me? Yea, that one! Well, it kind of started bringing some things together for me. :)
It all started with this little skirt. It's one of those items I had bookmarked many moons ago saying to myself that I would indeed sew it one day. Well, one thing led to another and I stumbled across it. I was already in the mood to just sew something for the fun of it, and so it began! THEN, I realized Moda, the maker of this lovely fabric line called "Birdie" just so happened to have a little contest going on that involved sewing with a Charm Pack, which this little skirt is made using.
Well, I was having sooo much fun with the little skirt...that is, all but the waistband...I shared a few (ahem!) choice words with that little waistband that my non-abstract sewing brain just couldn't wrap around at first. Nonetheless, it has now been conquered! 
With the skirt done and charm squares still laying on my table I found another tutorial for this little Activity Bag, modified it to accommodate the remaining squares...and seem a bit more like a "purse", and another creation was born!

I was kind of on a roll now, and well, a skirt and a bag just don't work by themselves. So then came the t-shirt. This was fun! The sky was the limit literally! The skirt tute above had a little owl "T", but this being a spring set, we needed something a little more...springy. Thus the kite with little swarming dragonflies and tiny bow embellishments on the sleeve cuffs.

To top it all off, a headband that I again modified to make just perfect to complete this set!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! This was so crazy fun to watch come together! And all turned out so crazy cute!!! I love this fabric!!!! As I crowded all my family into my sewing room to admire it, my husband asked "What are you going to do with it?" since it obviously didn't fit anyone in our home....well, anyone who he would allow wear it! (our girls are bigger) ;) So then, it was decided that this would be the perfect contribution to the Love Without Boundaries Art Auction next month and would add one more level to this majorly, multi-tasking ensemble!

So here's the run down...
  • Fulfilled the need to "Sew for Fun!"
  • Allowed me to use not just 1 but 3 FREE tutorials I had been wanting to me some free sewing tutorials!
  • Entered the Moda sewing contest
  • Provided a donation for Love Without Boundaries

And there is still PLENTY of time to get your art auction entry submitted! They are due by April 1st. Just sayin'! ;)

Cloth Wipes - The perfect compliment to Cloth Diapers!

A stack of flannel squares + a serger = the perfect, super easy to sew compliment to our cloth diaper donations...CLOTH WIPES. A serger makes these super fast, but don't fret, they can still be sewn with a sewing machine with just a little extra effort. With a sewing machine I would recommend cutting the flannel with pinking sheers or doing a turn/topstitch to help the edges be more finished. 
The size of the square depends on what's in your stash! Really. But an average of 7x7 inches is a good place to start....though I don't think there are 2 in this stack the same size! lol! I say however you can use your fabric to get the most is best.
Here's one serged all around and read to go! These are soft little washies that are useful for so many things. And being such a breeze to whip up a stack, we'll be sending a couple dozen along with our diaper donations this month!

Remember, there are links in the sidebar to free cloth diaper patterns to assist with this project!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing Essentials & Surprises!

Well, since we are talking about sewing, I thought I would share a few items, some unexpected, that I couldn't live without in my sewing room! And yes, COFFEE is one of them!(with cream AND sugar of course!)

Ok, in this first picture some of the basics. 
1) Rotary Cutter - While this thing can be a bit "dangerous" at times, it makes cutting fabric and patterns such a breeze!
2) Small "Snips" or scissors. Very sharp, light weight and perfect for clipping all those threads.
3) Sewing Gauge, because 1/2" always looks bigger when I guesstimate! ;)
4) Seam Ripper, well, I'm NOT perfect ya know! (and I have dulled several and am sure to dull more...good thing they are cheap!)
5) Serger Tweezers. Oh my these things are great! Yes, for helping thread a serger, but for many other things too, from helping pull elastic through casings to cleaning the lint from around your bobbin! An essential tool!
6) The White Tool...can't remember what it's called, but it helps make the points and seams on projects more precise and neat when you turn them. Another MUST HAVE for sure!

 Diaper Pins! Now here's one maybe you haven't thought of. (or maybe you have and I'm just slow to catch on, but still.) When threading elastic through casings, the large size of the diaper pins makes the job so much easier! And they are usually super cheap since very few people pin diapers these days.

Let's hear it for STARCH! Seriously folks! Starch has been the one item that has made me, dare I say it, ENJOY ironing! It's so pleasant to slide that iron across the top of the fabric and watch the wrinkles instantly disappear into a crisp canvas! While I still rarely iron the clothes I wear, I always iron the fabric I sew with. It really makes a big difference in the finished product.

This is one of my favorites and something I'm convinced I will never sew without....magnetic pin cushion! If I knew how to make those words sparkle on your screen I'd do it! I started with the little blue that is specifically designed for sewing and still assists on my cutting table. BUT! The giant silver one was actually hijacked from my husband's tool box! It's one of those bowls made to catch bolts when working on a car, but it works so perfectly for my pins! The magnet on this sucker is so powerful I don't even have to look where I'm tossing those pins while I'm sewing....get it anywhere near it and it pulls it in! ( may also find other metal objects such as the scissors and tweezers mentioned above stuck to the side occasionally too, kind of handy that way too I suppose since you don't loose them as often.

These are one of the greatest time savers, pattern weights! I got mine from Ruth over at Sew Chic and seriously can't say enough good about them! I've purchased multiple sets! I haven't pinned a pattern since getting these, and pinning was one of the things I disliked most. Not to mention, they are soooo pretty!

Here's one I never expected, canned air! Yup, and now I'll never be without it. I got a can in my stocking for Christmas this year, (cause I'm too cheap to buy it myself, lol!) and immediately went to town cleaning my keyboard. THEN. It just happened to be sitting there when I started trying to clean my serger, which in spite of vacuuming and brushing out NEVER seemed to really get clean. VOILA!!!!This stuff gets the job done! (ps. I still suggest having the vacuum handy cause it will blow dust from places you didn't know were a part of your machine!)

 Lastly, Fray Check or Thread End Glue. These items help finish off so many projects, especially those using ribbon or appliques. It's one of those things that I head to the store for when I run out. 

There you have it! Some of my favorite and can't live without sewing essentials. Please, share yours as well, I love learning new tips of the trade!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Showcase your STYLE!

I wanted to share an opportunity for all your creative folks to show off your style! AND, of course make a HUGE impact doing so! :) This one is a little more close to home for me...

You see, my dearest friend in the whole wide world adopted a precious little boy from China in 2007. He was orphaned due to a heart defect that would've robbed him of his life had he not received a prompt surgery. Well, heart surgery, as you can imagine, isn't inexpensive, but without this surgery, he wouldn't have survived to be adopted. Now, I have witnessed this little boy become a part of his family and of ours and am personally grateful for organizations like the one I'm getting ready to tell you about, who provide these life saving surgeries in a variety of ways.

Love Without Boundaries provides the most loving and compassionate help possible to orphaned and impoverished children in China. We provide humanitarian aid in these key areas:
This is where YOU and YOUR talents come in!!! :)

Each year Love Without Boundaries holds an Art Auction called "Born In My Heart" specifically designed to raise money for heart surgeries like I mentioned above. This years auction will be April 14-19. You can read more about the details in their recent Newsletter. Entries are due by April 1st and can consist of ANY handmade art, so that even widens the possibilities here! :) To get a submission form for your entry, email the ladies coordinating the event here,

Oh yea, and spread the word! They will need shoppers as well as donors!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you Crochet???

I haven't mastered the crochet needle yet, although I do find it most relaxing. And crocheting is one of those things you can really do just about anywhere....why I need to get with it and L.E.A.R.N. so my fidgety little hands always have something fun and creative to do!

Well, anyway....I just learned about a new organization I wanted to share in case some of you do indeed crochet. (and if you don't crochet, it's a great place to buy handmade gifts and help another at the same time! Love those kind of win/wins!) It's called Hats for Hunger. You're gonna love this!
From the website...

"Hats for Hunger was founded in 2008 by Andrew Castle when he was 9 years old.  If a 9 year old can help fight hunger, so can you.  Hats make great gifts...
In 2008, Andrew, his little brother Charlie, and their mom knit all of the hats.  Hats for Hunger raised $1,500 that year.  In 2010, over 80 volunteer knitters helped us raise $5,000 and our goal for 2011 is $10,000.  That’s a lot of hats to knit and sell!"
(Why they could use help!!!)

Now, the way this helps fight hunger is the funds that are raised are then sent to Heifer International

From Heifer International...

"Heifer is different. Heifer works.
Heifer International is a global nonprofit with a proven solution to ending hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. Heifer helps empower millions of families to lift them out of poverty and hunger to self-reliance through gifts of livestock, seeds and trees and extensive training, which provide a multiplying source of food and income. 

Heifer's mission to end hunger
Heifer envisions… A world of communities living together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.
Heifer’s mission is… To work with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth.
Heifer's strategy is… To Pass on the Gift. As people share their animals’ offspring with others–along with their knowledge, resources and skills–an expanding network of hope, dignity and self-reliance is created that reaches around the globe.
Heifer’s history... This simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief–a cow not a cup–caught on and has continued for more than 65 years. Today, millions of families have been given gifts of self-reliance and hope."

Doesn't that sound like something worth being a part of??? I sure think so! AND, if you are looking for FREE CROCHET HAT PATTERNS.....there is this super generous blogging mama that shares many free ones like these OH SO STINKIN' CUTE SESAME STREET ONES!!! These TOTALLY make me want to learn!!!

You can check out the details of how to make them here
And make sure and tell her THANKS for sharing! ;)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta!

I appreciate the productivity that comes from assembly line sewing. Being able to crank out 20 or 30 of something really can be satisfying. But sometimes.....sometimes, you just gotta sew for no other reason than the love of it. That's what I'm doing today. I'm working on a one-of-a-kind creation using these lovely Moda fabrics. They've been waiting on my shelf patiently for FAAAAR too long, but today is their day! Their colors and patterns are so inviting and they will be something new and special very soon! And at the same time will refuel me for the next round of "Git R Dun" sewing! ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whimsy Couture - Dress A Girl DONATION!!!

I'm soooooo excited to share this with you all!!! 

First, a little background. I can't remember exactly how I found Whimsy Couture, but I quickly fell in love with her patterns! I have since purchased and sewn from many of them, and have even had the privilege of testing one of her new patterns before release. I love the style of garments Denise, the owner, designs and I *LOVE* how easy the patterns are to follow. Her patterns come as PDF downloads and each have step-by-step picture tutorials to make sewing, even for the novice seamstress, an enjoyable and successful experience. 
I recently shared with Denise our efforts of sewing dresses and told her about Dress a Girl Around the World and their mission of every little girl owning at least one dress. I asked if she would be interested in participating by donating a dress. Well, she replied with an INSTANT and enthusiastic YES! And here are the BEAUTIFUL dresses she will be sending to Dress A Girl...

How incredible is that??? Love these unique fabric prints too! Just Gorgeous! Won't some little girl look just precious in these??? If you'd like to learn more about Denise, please check out her blog, Whimsy Couture Sewing Blog. She's all the time sharing ideas, inspiration and sewing technique tips and offers many free sewing tutorials as well. Additionally, you can check out all of her great patterns on Etsy. If you visit her at either place, please make sure and tell her THANKS for participating in our Hopeful Threads sewing project to help Dress a Girl Around the World!!!

P.S. Let this serve as a reminder that it NEVER HURTS TO ASK!!! And in doing so you may allow another to be blessed. Denise has thanked me several times for making her aware of the need....thanked ME? and SHE is the one who sewed and donated these dresses! ??? :) I love how it works that way, because I feel very blessed to have her participation and have felt very blessed to sew dresses this month as well! What fun!
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