Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Reflections & Resolutions

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I never really believed in all of that. I figure if you really want to do something it certainly doesn't require a "New Year" to begin or a resolution to maintain it for that matter. However, last year I thought I'd give it a try. My first "real" New Year's Resolution. Know what it was? This blog. Hopeful Threads was begun as a New Year's Resolution.
I had this idea swimming around in my head for what seemed like FOREVER! I wanted to purposefully sew each month for a specific organization or need. I really wanted to sew more with others than I was able to coordinate locally. I wanted to see an outreach begin....expand....and touch lives on both ends. So, I put it out there and am delighted with how this year has turned out!

Here's a glimpse...
January 2011 - Pillowcases for our local DCS

February 2011 - Dresses inspired by Dress A Girl sent to Cambodia & Ghana

March 2011 - Repaired Cloth Diapers sent to Ghana & China

April 2011 - Bibs sent to China

May 2011 - Ragdolls sent to China

June 2011 - Activity/Coloring Bags delivered to our local Children's Hospital

July we took a break to soak up some Summer and sew for our families.

August 2011 - Cloth pads inspired by Days For Girls sent to Cambodia

September 2011 - Baby Layette for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center

October 2011 - Preemie Diaper Covers sent to Cambodia

November 2011 - Sew Along to benefit Create H.O.P.E. Designs

December we've paused to allow for a little extra rest and family time.

Wow! I feel so very blessed to be a part of this! To see that we have made a tangible difference for people near and far. To have met some of the warmest and most giving people. So, feeling rested and renewed with enthusiasm for what's ahead, I say let this New Year's Resolution continue!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." ~Gandhi  

Can't wait to see what's in store for 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pay It Forward WINNER!

Thank you all for playing along for my Pay It Forward Giveaway! has selected lucky #14...
Anonymous said... 14
I have SWOOM quilt pattern on my cutting table and am loving it.

Congratulations! I've sent an email to the winner. Please respond within 48 hours.
Oh and...pssst.....I have a super fun giveaway planned for the New Year that I am sooooo excited about! Can't wait to share with you all! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PJ Madness!!!!!

 Yea, so I'm one of those that usually has the bright idea, when I'm already covered up with more than is humanly possible to get finished, to go ahead and make the extra PJs the kids need while I'm sewing their Christmas sets. Anyone else like that??? It sounded good, at least at first. ;) Half way through I was thinking "What was I thinking???", but trudged on and got them all done and I'm so glad I did! The children were thrilled and have pretty much lived in the new PJs....other than when we have to leave the house of course....which we are keeping to a minimum as we soak up this holiday time! 

 And since I made them all....17+ sets counting all those darling penguins that is....and since they won't be seen outside the house for someone to comment on and allow me that "proud mama" moment of basking in my all get to see them! ;) Thanks sweet friends for humoring me! Now, brace yourselves....
Sock Frogs
Silly Frogs
Firemen Heroes!

Hello Kitty Fleece   

Disco Lights
Tie Dye Peace
Rainbow Love
Fairy Princess
Love Birds 

The patterns I used were a couple of McCall's and the quick to sew, Simple 30 min. Shorts.

 And this, my friends, was the mess I ended up with because I just cut and pile as I'm working...this would drive my mother INSANE!!! She's quite the "tidy seamstress"....I make a HUGE mess in the moment and then clean it all at once. I suppose whatever works best for each. :)
I'm still sneezing fabric fuzz from all the cutting too! :)

And let's just say that new to me serger I recently purchased has been well worked in!
Now for the recovery process. Thanks for letting me share! 
Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Penguin PJs w/ free Applique Template

After lots of cutting and ironing and stitching and drawing and stitching some more, our Penguin Jammies for our Christmas Eve tradition became a reality!
Best part, everyone loved them and made it all very much worthwhile!

And since penguins are super cute and not just for Christmas, and since I made a template for the applique on our shirts anyway, I thought I'd share it with you all in case you'd like to make your own penguins. They are super easy and can of course be personalized in a variety of ways.

 Access the template in PDF here.

I simply sketched a basic shape and then created the layered pieces. Each piece is included in the applique template you can print out above.

Cut the pieces from felt. I made very traditional penguins, but you could have a lot of fun making the belly from different printed felt or fabrics. 
Pin the pieces to your shirt and embellish however you'd like. 
You could use felt for the eyes too, but I went with buttons. Other fun additions could be bowties, scarves, hats, snowflake buttons scattered about....anything you'd like.
 Stitch everything in place and your done!

We had quite the adorable penguin parade around here for Christmas!
Hope someone else can enjoy our lil' fella too.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

glitter graphics

Wishing you and your families the GLORY & WONDER of this blessed season!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pay It Forward GIVEAWAY!

Earlier this year I was given a special gift from Janet at The Empty Nest.

 Janet had won a gift certificate from Natasha at Skye Reve Fabrics which she in turn gave away on her blog. Just because. I was the lucky winner! :) It was one of those things that came at just the right time to be an extra encouragement and brightener to my day and I've never forgotten her's and Natasha's kindness. It was more than just a giveaway!

Well, I just happened to open my email one day this week to find that I had won another gift certificate in a giveaway over at Dana's MADE, this time from Amanda at Modern Fabric Studio and in the spirit of paying it forward, I'm giving it away here! 
That's right, you can win a $25 Gift Certificate to


So, if you're a follower of Hopeful Threads, just leave a comment on this post to be entered. Any comment is fine, but to keep from all the boring "I'm a follower" comments, maybe you could share what's on your cutting table right now....mine is COVERED with pajama sets I've been churning out to be ready in time for Christmas! :) Giveaway is OPEN WORLDWIDE! I'll draw & announce the winner Thursday, December 29th. Please make sure I can reach you via your comment.

Thanks for the fun in 2011, I have so enjoyed getting to know you all, sewing with you, and I'm looking forward with excitement to 2012!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Lily Bird Studio WINNER!!!

Time to announce the winner of the Lily Bird Studio pattern bundle giveaway!!!

 The random number generator selected #20
Emma's Dress
Spring Dress
Sophia Dress
Baby Toddler Dress 

Congratulations Melissa!!!!
Melissa chose these 4 great patterns for her bundle...
and the Baby Toddler Dress. 
Melissa, I see some dress sewing in your future!!!
Hope you have a lot of fun!

Thank you so much Lily Bird Studio for sponsoring this great pattern giveaway!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Softie Stampede!

 When I saw the free tutorial for these adorable stuffed elephants posted over at Riley Blake, babe was sitting with me. She immediately began jabbering all about that elephant and making her insanely cute elephant sounds. Just call it motherly instinct, but I knew I was going to be sewing an elephant very, very soon. ;) 

And so became babe's newest friend who will find her way under the tree to be discovered and enjoyed.
I chose buttons eyes and of course had to add the perfect lil' tag to finish her off!

She was so cute and so easy that I made a few extra in neutral prints for a friend to distribute with other toys at our local homeless shelter. I hope there is another little boy or girl that is just as delighted to have a new little friend to love and cuddle.

 My favorite part are those EARS!!!!

A few remnants of fabric, the free pattern and a little sewing time and you've got yourself your own too cute Pachyderm Plushie! Sorry I just couldn't help myself! ;)
Happy sewing and stuffing!
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