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This page consists of a variety of Tips & Tutorials to assist you as you create. If something on this blog inspires you to create, great! That's the idea! Home sewers may feel free to use my tutorials to create as you choose, I simply ask that in addition to making things for yourself, you also find a way to give back with your creative talents. Sad that it even has to be said, but it is never ok to copy the tutorial itself. Thank you for being respectful of my work and time.

As for my pictures, you are welcome to use project pictures when linking back to my posts. Pics of my family are just mine though, so please don't reuse them in anyway. Thanks again!

If you are interested in knowing more about notions, tools and various gadgets that are must haves in my sewing space, simply search "sewing essentials" or see the tab labeled as such above.
Happy Sewing!

 Sewing Tips & Info 
All images are labeled left to right. Click the description below the image to be directed to that specific post. 
Sewing With Elastic
Sewing With FOE (Fold-Over Elastic)
Organizing & Using Your PDF Patterns
Turning Shorts to Bloomers Version #1
Turning Shorts to Bloomers Version #2
Pinking for Curved Seams
Quick & Easy Gathering Technique
Using Ribbon as Bias Tape
Attaching Reversible Buttons
Suggestions for Sewing With Kids
Sewing History
Remnant Sewing
PUL - What is it & How do you use it?
Sewing With Laminate Fabric
Shipping - How to Save $$$
  Sewing Tutorials & Templates
Tab Top Curtains
Scrappy Stuffed Pillows
Stretch Lace Headbands & Bows
Ruffled Hair Accessory
Baby Girl Gift Set
Cuffed Capris
Christmas Jammies - Ruffled or Cuffed
Super Summer Upcycles
Comfy Pirate Eye-Patch
A+ Art Portfolio Variations
Child Sized Reusable Shopping Bag
Turtle Applique
Yo-Yo & Button Embellished Gloves
Penguin Applique with Template
Simple Wishlist Decoration
Easiest Quilted Stocking Ever!
Thread Cone Upcycle Christmas Tree Decorations
Catnip Toys with Template
Pet Treat Pouch
Clever Gift Wrap Alternatives
Big Daddy's XL Oven Mit
Quick & Easy Panel Hot Pad
Petite Placemat Tote Bag
G-Tube Button Pads
Ostomy Bag Cover
Reusable Absorbent Underpads
Whaley & Starla Plush Toys
Button Monster Plush Toys
2 Minute Felt Pencil Pouch
Comfy Carseat Strap Covers
Super Simple Cloth Wipes
Ruffle Trimmed Faux Patchwork Baby Blanket
Cloth Pads (Template ONLY)
Quick Fidget Apron
Make Your Own Mini Pizzas
Family Favorite Cornbread Salad
Scrumptious Strawberry Cobbler
Summer Linguine Salad


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