Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LAST DAY to Enter for the Back To School Prize Pack!

Today is the FINAL DAY to get entered to win the Back To School Prize Pack FULL of wonderful prizes for one of you!!!!

I'm so thrilled that we have already surpassed our goal with a current count of 279 pads!!! I can't stop thinking about how many young women this is going to make a difference for! Thank you all for participating and helping to spread the word about this months project!

Remember, if you'd like to link up today, all you have to do is sew/donate at least 5 cloth pads. 

I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Over The Top!!!

We have not only reached our goal, we have already passed it! Last count we were at 269 cloth pads/liners being donated AND an additional 104 shields to be paired with liners. 


sew with heart 3 by Hopeful Threads, on Flickr
I can't fully express my excitement to have had you all jump in so enthusiastically in support of this month's project! It is a delight to have you sewing along with me, but even more to have you share your heart for helping others. Many of you have commented that this month's need was especially touching to you since it was something you had never thought of before. One mother even shared how her 8 year old daughter was so moved by the explanation of what her mommy was sewing that she quietly went to her room and came back to independently offer her own savings to help with this project. Good stuff! You have each reminded me of the greater purposes behind blogging this week and I am extremely grateful!

I have heard from others who are still hoping to finish pads for donation this month, so I expect our numbers to continue climbing! I will share each new entry on the Hopeful Threads facebook page if you'd like to follow along.

And of course, there is still time to link up with your contribution and ENTER TO WIN the Back to School Prize Pack being offered!

With gratitude & excitement,

Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Days - 9 Pads

school fundraising ideas
WOW! We are almost there!

3 days left to ENTER and ONLY 9 pads from our goal of 250!
I am so excited about all of your interest and support with this project. I have been touched by your emails and your desire to make a difference in the lives of young girls across the globe. Thank you!

As a quick reminder, if you sew/donate at least 5 cloth pads, remember, you are eligible to enter to win our BACK TO SCHOOL PRIZE PACK full of all kinds of creative goodies!

2 patterns from Izzy & Ivy

3 pattern e-books & 2y designer fabric from

Whimsy Couture
Pattern & 55 Charm Pack from

5 Locker Notes craft sets, your own blog button & $10 pizza gift card from
Ladybird Ln

Don't miss your chance!
Get all the details and ENTER HERE!

Thanks again! Good Luck! And, Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Embroidered Treasures for Children

I lucked across this true Treasure of a book at my local used bookstore and just had to share.
 The cover images alone had me convinced! 

Look at these darling shoes....

And with my own lil' pirate in the home, I knew this little friend was a must to create as well.
There's a whole collection of his hooligan, piratey finger puppet friends to go along with him too. :)

And for the girls...
I thought this little purse was just darling!

And these vintage inspired cuties...
I didn't even see them until I got to the car and was thumbing through, and I think they may be my favorite project of all. 

There are loads of other stitching delights too, including plushies and embroidery designs from fairies and flowers to sailboats and sharks, something sure to please each of the littles in my home. Aside from all this loveliness, the book retails for $19.95 and I got it for $1.50!!! I know! I was thrilled!!!! And it's in like new condition. Can't beat it!

Hand-stitching was my first love of needle and thread, but something I haven't done much of recently. Perhaps this little treasure of a book will change that!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quilts for Kids - Do you quilt???

Swim, Bike, Quilt
If so, you are going to want to check out this exciting project to provide quilts for kids in your community during the holiday season. Good stuff!!! Plus she is hosting a giveaway to get folks to help spread the word.
100 Quilts for Kids
You can get all the details here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monthly Project LINK UP & Giveaway!!!

Let the FUN continue!!!  I told you it would!

Ok, here it is. Your chance to show off your support by contribution to our Back To School monthly project! I've attached a link up at the bottom of this post for you to share about the cloth pads you have sewn and where they will be donated. (This should work for everyone, even if you don't have a blog since you can link to any online photo storage like flickr or photobucket as well.) I want to keep track of the progress we are making towards our goal of 250 cloth pads this month, so Please include the # of pads and where they will be donated in your description when you link up. You can follow along with our progress by checking the bus in the sidebar. I hope to see it filled by the end of the month!

No worries if you haven't had a chance to sew yet, there is still plenty of time! And if you sew/donate at least 5 pads, you can add your link anytime between now and August 31st to be eligible for our Back to School Prize Pack Giveaway!!

You can find links to free cloth pad patterns and tutorials on the original post here. Also my walk-through and tips on Serged Pads, Adjustable Absorbency Pads and Simple Pads from posts throughout the month. Truly something for every sewing level!

On September 1st one contributor will be announced as the winner of the following 
BACK TO SCHOOL PRIZE PACK provided by our most generous sponsors!


2 Izzy & Ivy Designs Patterns
The Messenger Bag
Addy Jo Skirts

 With a fabulous size range from 1-14!


Whimsy Couture
Your choice of 3 Whimsy Couture Sewing e-books AND 2 Yards of Designer Fabric!


sew with heart 3 by Hopeful Threads, on Flickr 
I will be including this Large Coloring Bag pattern AND a stack of 55 of my Scrappy Charms!


Ladybird Ln

From Carlee at Ladybird Ln. , "I am also super excited to contributed to this prize package for a wonderful cause! Here is what I am putting in the pot...

A kit to create  FIVE clipboard locker magnets, perfect for back to school!  These are so fun, and even your kids will love creating these!
AND, Custom Graphic design, of your choice!!! I LOVE creating stuff in photoshop, I am not a professional but I would be happy to make the winner a button, or header, or custom printable... Here are a couple blog buttons I have made recently...
I also made a fun blog header over at Happy Hour Projects, so it is more of a hobby, but I really enjoy doing it!

Whoever wins this package is going to be pretty busy, and I know at my house even when I am busy crafting all day, my family still wants to eat dinner.... imagine that.  SO I am also throwing in a $10 gift card to Papa Murphy's!

Good Luck, and thank you so much for helping out!
 You don't want to miss out on this delightful, crafty, back to school fun!

All you have to do to enter is:
  • Sew/Donated at least 5 Cloth Pads
  • Add your link here with # of pads & where they will be donated 
(description can be added in "Name" section of the Link Up)

    That's it!
    Super easy to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of young women across the globe and be entered to win some fabulous prizes!!!

    Keep spreading the word! The more pads we can make the greater impact we will have!

    Back to School


    Friday, August 19, 2011

    Sewing Essential: Pattern Weights

    Something I have grown to love having in my sewing room is pattern weights. Truly a sewing essential! Up until a few years ago I pinned all of my patterns. While this is not only time consuming, it also limits the use of a rotary cutter, which I like to use and certainly speeds the cutting process. 

     I was in need of some extra small weights, and found this tutorial at the blog Piccoli Piselli, so I thought I'd give it a try. If you've never visited this blog, I highly recommend it! The name is Italian for "Little Peas" and her style is playful, creative and refreshingly "real life". Paired with her talent for photography, it's guaranteed to entertain and inspire!

    As for the tutorial, it was super simple and the weights turned out lovely!
    Supplies needed: Large Washers, Hot Glue & Ribbon
    Glue 2 of the Washers together for a more substantial weight.
    Wrap Washer tightly in  ribbon, hot gluing beginning and end.
    Voila! New Pattern Weights!
    Putting them to use!
    Now, if you don't want to bothered making them yourself, I have purchased several sets from Ruth at Sew Chic that I love! Her's are fabric covered and are available in a variety of sizes and designer prints.

     Pattern Weights. One of those simple things that makes sewing even more fun!

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Lucky Ducky Dance!!!

    Yep! That's what I'm doing right now!!! 
    Look what just arrived in my mailbox...
    Photo from Marci Girl Designs
    I KNOW!!!! Isn't it just gorgeous????
    I love all the bags Marci makes, they are so creative and unique! And her workmanship is absolutely impeccable! Just go look through the photos on her blog, wow! I loved this bag as soon as I saw it, even before I knew I could enter to win it. Then, when I realized it was a giveaway I was school girl giddy! The bag just spoke to me, I loved the fabric combo and I REEEEEALLY wanted to win! I think I stalked her blog all week waiting for the giveaway to end! :) So when I got the email that I did win, and that it was on it's way, I couldn't wait for it to get here!!!
    And a bonus....I'm kinda.... well ok, I'm really short. 4'11"...regardless of what my husband would tell you! So, finding a shoulder bag that doesn't hang somewhere around my knees can sometimes be a challenge. This bag hangs perfectly at my waist! And can even be worn messenger style. I'll try and get a picture when I don't look like I've been wrangling a house full of children all day! ;) 

    Did I say yet how much I love this bag???

    Anyway, I just had to share and say THANKS!!! to Marci! 
    She's participating in another giveaway, so you'll want to go over and check it out! Maybe you'll be the next one doing a lucky ducky dance! :)

    Let's Fill The Bus!!!

    school fundraising ideas

    As you sew cloth pads for our Back To School project this month comment or email me the number you have made so I can add it to our goal tracker! 
    Let's Fill That Bus!!!!

    250 Cloth Pads for girls in need
    47 I've made so far

    203 needed yet to meet the goal
    I know we can do it!!! :)

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    Simple Cloth Pad

    The last two pad options I've shared included wrap around wings. Wings are very handy on cloth pads, but they also require the extra step of adding snaps or velcro as a closure. Today I want to share with you a couple of simple cloth pad options that will not require either. 
    I want everyone who wants to participate to feel like they can. And every single pad, regardless of style or options will be a blessing! As a reminder from of the need we are trying to fill , "If they cannot afford disposables (or there are none available) they have to use whatever they can find. Often leaves or newspapers, cloth rags if they are lucky."
     With that perspective, let me offer you some super simple options for cloth pads. These can be made by either sewing or serging and I will share the details for both. Seriously as easy as 1, 2, 3!
    STEP 1: Cut 2 layers of flannel in either a square shape, mine are 10x10 or...

    ... 2 layers, 4 inches by the width of your fabric in long strips. (I simply folded my flannel with selvedge ends together and then the 4" strips were already doubled.)

    STEP 2: Either serge or sew, turn & top-stitch around the parameter of your cut layers.

    STEP 3: For the squares, tri-fold them across, and...

    ...for the strips, tri-fold them lengthwise, and you're done!
     Seriously! It's that easy to make a significant difference in the life and education of a young woman! 
    There you have it! A neat and lovely stack of soft and absorbent goodness ready to bless another.

    And if you have any question about whether it really makes a difference and whether the items are really used, jump over to the facebook page of Days For Girls and soak up a bit of their overwhelming gratitude! You can also take a look at the variety of different pads they are delighted to receive.
    "Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve.... You don't have to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
    As always, email me if you have any questions at all! I'm happy to help!
     p.s.  as a Bonus to just getting to feel great by helping another, we're going to be offering a Grand Prize Gift Pack of all kinds of "back to school" sewing fun to one of you that sews along!!! I'll open a "linky" next week to allow you to begin showing off your work and tell us who you are sending your pads to. It's going to be fun!!!!
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