Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Project Finale!

Well, our Family Sewing month has come to a close, and while I certainly did quite a bit of sewing in July, seems for every project I completed, I found another 3 to add! :) Oh well! Such is the joy of sewing and being linked to a blog community full of creativity!

Here's a photo recap of my progress...
Shorts for my Fella
Matching "Turtle" Shirt
Tic Tac Toe Floor Game
Storage bag for Tic Tac Toe game
Sister Dolls
Matching dress for "Baby" from her doll's fabric
Chickie Hat from Grandma
Owlie Hat from Grandma
Ruffle Skirt for my Girl
Matching Ruffle Hair Accessory
Pet bed for kitty
Cuffed Capris

New Art Aprons for the boys
     And,even a few items for donation to a fundraising auction.

All in all not too bad I suppose! Honestly, this isn't a list I imagine ever seeing complete, but it is nice to see some progress from time to time!

Exciting NEW PROJECT to announce tomorrow!!! I can hardly wait! 
Hope you all will join in!
Until then...

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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sweetest Reminders...

This morning I was overwhelmingly blessed to open my inbox to these precious images...
She couldn't decide which she liked best! :)
hmmmm.....which one?
2 doll babies!
Takin' her doll for a ride!

Sweet matching "piggies"!
She did finally narrow it down. :) I'm in love!
This little fella was headed to meet his forever family. He was a little apprehensive about leaving his nanny, so his new friend helped to comfort him a bit.
Oh my goodness! I just want to stroke that beautiful head of hair! :)
This sweet nanny's face just says "love" to me and delights my heart!
I think this may have been my most favorite picture of all.
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I seriously want to squeeze him!
Babydolls, burpclothes and bibs....the simplest things that brought smiles and love to these sweeties and their caregivers. These gifts were delivered to these precious children by our friend Jeannie of Annabelle's Wish. We are so grateful for the connection she provides us to these amazing children!

The sweetest reminders of why I sew!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Unexpected Family Treasures

My aunt recently visited and brought along some very special items from my grandmother's house. Amongst the envelopes of family photos and mementos, there were also a few treasures I thought I'd share with you all, knowing you would appreciate them the way I do.

This quilt top was probably the most amazing. 

This was started by my great grandmother. It's completely hand made from various scraps of fabric. I'm not sure if you can see the stitches, but all of the pieces have been hand sewn together....very impressive to me! 

My aunt says it's now up to me to finish it. I certainly want to preserve this work, but it will not be a project I attempt until after a bit of quilting practice myself!

She also brought 2 older model sewing machines for my girls so they could each have their own machines to learn on. They were of course thrilled!

And, this handy cutting mat with various piece guides on it.
It's very special to have these items that belonged to my grandmother. It will be a nice way to remember her while doing something I love to do.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ginger and Louise Pattern WINNERS!!!

Thank you Ginger and Louise Pattern Co. for this GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!
And thank you all for participating!

The following 3 people have WON their favorite Ginger and Louise pattern...

More Kids 4 Me said... 16
My favorite is the CoCo dress! :)
If Toys Could Talk said... 21
I love the reverse gear skirt... and would love to have the pattern for my daughter. :)
 Carla said... 23
I follow your blog via GFC!
AND, as a BONUS!!! Laura has offered 3 others one of her newest patterns, the Minky Hat!
So, these 3 folks are winners too!

Aunt Mo's Warm Fuzzies said... 9
I follow Hopeful Threads! (and I forgot my email on the other entry - auntmos at hotmail dot com) :)
6blessings said... 24
I like the Poet's Peasant Blouse. Thanks for the contest :)
Lee said... 13
I am a new follower!
I will email each of you to put you in contact with Laura so she can send over your pattern, so be watching your inbox! I need to hear back from you within 48 hours or alternate winners must be selected....and that would be no fun. :)
Sweet Sue

Poets Peasant Top
Remember Ginger and Louise Pattern Co. for your unique sewing patterns! She's always adding new ones!
And if you didn't read about my latest G&L Ruffle Skirt, make sure to check it out here.
Dotty Dot Skirt
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Auction Opportunity!!!

Good Morning Friends!
I wanted to share an opportunity with all you crafty folks. An opportunity to use your talent to support a family adopting a young lady from China.
Meet Faith.

Miles of the Heart

Faith is 11 years old and currently living in China. She is awaiting the time when she will soon be united with her family here in the US, who are in the adoption process. Her mom, dad and 3 siblings can't wait to get her home!!! (you can click the image above to learn more on her mama's blog.)

This is where you come in.
Some friends have put together a facebook auction that will take place from August 4th-8th. They are in need of donations of items to be auctioned. Seriously folks, anything that you have made that you would like to offer would be most welcome and appreciated! You can get all the details here.

I'm very excited to share with you what I will be donating from Hopeful Threads!!!
 A sweet "Faith" doll made from the Bit of Whimsy pattern my girls and I made our ABC Sister dolls with.
 A coordinating A-line Tunic made from a Whimsy Couture pattern.
And, a darling Ruffle Skirt set, with the skirt made from that Ginger & Louise pattern I've gotten carried away with! ;)

So, I invite you to check out the links and consider if this is something you'd like to take part in. And if you aren't able to donate, you can always stop by to shop August 4th-8th....I've seen some really great donations so far!
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