These are some of the precious recipients of Hopeful Threads "Monthly Projects"....the "WHY" behind what we do! :) Enjoy!

We don't always get pics of our project recipients, but when we do I'm very happy to share! I also receive some very sweet notes and messages that I like to pass on to you too.

July 2015 - Fluff Project Delivery
 Left to Right: Frankie Holt, Knox County Clerk
Magistrate Kay Kaserman 
Magistrate Michael Fortune 
Magistrate Irene Joseph
Lt. Jim Dunn, Knox Co. Sheriff's Dept.

June 2015 - FLUFF Project *******************************************************
Novemeber 2013 - Quilts & Blankets for NICU
April 2013 - Fluff For Foster Care


Child Sized Bibs - February 2013 Project
China - Hidden Treasures Foster Home

Children's TY *******************************************************************



Bibs sent with Love Without Boundaries March 2012

A Thank You note from Cambodia.

This is a sincere thanks to all of you who helped to lovingly sew such cute diaper covers for the precious little ones that we are privileged to serve. When I received them, I could feel the love just popping out of that bag! In the few weeks since receiving them, the covers are being used by 5 little bottoms! One little girl, a set of twin boys, and a very special set of tiny twin girls joined at the chest. May God bless each of you richly as you use your skills to bless others!

Huge hugs from,
Cathleen Jones
Children In Families  


Pictures of Precious Little Ones in China from Annabelle's Wish.
Rag Dolls - May 2011 Project
Rag Dolls - May 2011 Project
Bibs - April 2011 Project

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