Friday, May 31, 2013

That's a Wrap! - May 2013 Project Finale

I've certainly enjoyed our time sewing in support of H.A.B.I.T. and their efforts this month!
It's the final day for our May Project. Please email me if you have items you want to send to be added to the box I'll be delivering. Thank you all for another fun sewing month!

Thank you again to Aivilo Charlotte for the adorable Dog Bandanna she provided for our use! And to all those who shared and provided giveaway fun throughout the month!

Big things ahead for the summer and I can't wait to share!
See you tomorrow for the June Project announcement!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

These are the moments.....

The moments that stop you in your tracks.
When I am privileged to receive photos of those we sew for using the gifts we made especially for them, well, there's nothing else like it!

These moments are always a reminder of WHY we do what we do each month, and WHY Hopeful Threads even exists. 
It's humbling and inspiring in overwhelming ways at the same time.
The blessings I receive from sewing with you all each month for such meaningful projects far, far outweighs the time, effort and resources invested. 

If you participated in the February 2013 Project and helped make child-sized bibs, may these photos encourage you and bring you BIG SMILES today!!!

(All photos property of Hidden Treasures Foster Home/Loaves and Fishes International. Used with permission. Please do not copy of reuse without permission.) 
 How about the sweet faces of the children you took the time to sew for!!!
Doesn't it feel amazing to see something YOU made in use for the purpose you made it!?!?!

This was part of the message that accompanied the photos....
"We are so touched because we can feel the outpouring of tender love, quality of workmanship and genuine giving that went into the making of each bib.  These bibs brighten the daily life of not only the children but everyone who cares for them and visits the home.  The variety of patterns and colors makes a person smile, and I believe makes the child feel very special.  Thank you!!"

  I personally love seeing photos of caregivers with the children. You can see the bonds and love and tender care that are being nurtured. I am so thankful for organizations like Loaves and Fishes International that are making such a difference in the lives of so many!

If you don't see any of yours in the photos here, don't worry. :) There were so many made for the project, (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!) that they are having to be sent in smaller bundles with different travelers. This means they will continue to receive these cheerful and useful items for months to come. I love it!!!

Thank you. 
Thank you for being such a huge part of my dreams materializing. 
Thank you for caring for these precious children and all the others we sew for each month. 
My heart is so full!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birdsong Patterns GIVEAWAY!!!!

I just recently welcomed Birdsong Patterns as the newest sponsor at Hopeful Threads. I'm honored to have the support of this beautiful shop and know you are going to love all she has to offer!

Birdsong has long been known for her gorgeous hair accessory instructions, and now she is adding clothing and bag patterns to her collection!
Take a look at some of my favorites...

Today, you have the chance to WIN your own favorite bundle of amazing Birdsong Patterns!
Simply follow the easy-to-enter Rafflecopter prompts below.
Open to all eligible. Winner announced & emailed 6/5/13 and must reply within 48 hours to claim prize. Full details regarding giveaways at Hopeful Threads on the Giveaways page at the top of the blog.

Fans can also get 10% OFF any Birdsong purchase using code HOPEFUL13 in the Birdsong etsy shop! The code is good through June 6! Visit the shop here.

Thank you Birdsong Patterns for this generous giveaway! I look forward to seeing all the creative patterns you have in store for us!

Good luck to all!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pet Plush!

Just a few more days of our May Project pet sewing left!
I recently finished up these little stuffed bones to add to our box.
I used THIS free tutorial and they were super fast and easy to make. 
I didn't have the squeakers, and added a pre-made cotton tassel instead of the knotted strips. I think they turned out cute! 

There's still a bit more time to contribute to our May Project, and we'd love to have you join in!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fluff For Foster Care DELIVERY + Special Announcement!

In case you didn't see the posts on facebook this week, I wanted you all to know we delivered 366 stuffed friends to our Juvenile Court on Tuesday. It was such an exciting day for our family!!!!!!

Our bus was STUFFED!!!!!!!!!!!!
 This was Hopeful Threads BIGGEST project to date!

 Our caseworker was so excited about the project when I shared it with her, that she met us there for the delivery. She wasn't about to just allow us to drop and leave. :) She introduced us to multiple court staff and judges who all were so appreciated and excited about the gifts! The more the word spread through the building, the more people showed up to see all your fluffy donations! 

They immediately went about personally selecting toys to take back to each of the court rooms for the following day's hearings. It was such a wonderful and encouraging thing to witness! Their genuine enthusiasm and appreciation was overwhelming! 
I can't thank you enough for your amazing support and generous participation and allowing our family the privilege of delivering your gifts! What a blessing!!!!

The next day, I also had the chance to meet Judge Irwin, the man that started the whole idea of giving each child a stuffed friend when they came to court. He shared his gratitude and personal stories of how the children had responded in court that day. He said he had two sisters that both wanted the same big bear, and so he had to take them to the back room to see all the others so they could both be happy with a special new friend! Another judge shared about a little boy that chose a large patchwork square puppy, and a little girl that picked a turtle that matched her new bedroom. :) There was also a very special little girl that picked a doll with pigtails because she too had a pony tail, and the judge shared how she cradled and played with her new friend throughout the hearing. Talk about SQUEEZING my heart!!!!! 

I know there are still multiple packages on their way, and we will gladly make a second delivery when they arrive. As a matter of fact, the response to these was so great, and the need obviously significant and ongoing, that I have decided to make this an ONGOING project!!! I plan to sew stuffed toys each month (in addition to our Monthly Projects) for the children coming through our Juvenile Court and will gladly accept and deliver any you would like to send along too! I'm adding a tab to the top of the blog with all of the info. and welcome your participation anytime!

Needless to say, our "Fluff For Foster Care" project was a HUGE success!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for jumping on board and making this special project even more special!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Proud Mama SHARE!!! Crazy Little KIDS Projects

Do you all follow the creative blog Crazy Little Projects?
I do! It's packed with all kinds of ideas and tutorials to inspire your creativity! Lots of fun! I am usually most drawn to her sewing projects, but recently saw this post that GRABBED my attention.
Amber has started a weekly series FOR kids and BY kids and it's so much fun!!! If chosen, not only does your child's project get highlighted, but they win $20!

Now here's where the "Proud Mama" part comes in....
My oldest daughter was selected to share her project entry this month and her post is up today!!! I would LOVE for you to go check it out and show some comment love. :)

PLUS, while you're there you can get some creative ideas to share with your kiddos for those summer months that are just around the corner.....and maybe even enter one of their own projects to be featured!

Thanks Amber/Crazy Little Projects for this exciting series and for featuring my sweet girl's work! You made both of our days! :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sewing to Rebuild - Join the efforts to GIVE BACK to OK families!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Monthly Project to share with you a tangible need that you can help with! 

You can get all the details, address for shipping and links to a variety of free patterns on THIS POST at Pattern Revolution. 

I will resume sewing for our May Project when they have a minimum of 101 items in their flickr group album of donations here. 

Join me and MANY others in the sewing community and lets all show our care and support for the families of Oklahoma who are dealing with so much right now.
Every Stitch Matters.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gratitude Giveaway!

Every once in a while I just like to remind you all how much I appreciate you being a part of the Hopeful Threads community and our efforts to give back through sewing each month. 

Today I have a giveaway just to say "THANKS!".

I've included some fat quarters from my stash, an adorable fat quarter of this insanely cute puppy print sent to me from Contemporary Cloth Inc. AND a set of the sweetest puppy sew-on labels I recently received from Assunta Store. If you'd be interested in having this sweet bundle come your way, simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts below to enter.

I used this playful print for some of the Pet Treat Pouches I made...did you see the tutorial from yesterday? Be sure to check it out, it's a quick & easy pet loving project! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Open to US entrants. International entrants welcome with the understanding that you are responsible for shipping charges if you are the winner. Winner announced and emailed 5/27/13 and provided 48 hours to respond and claim their prize. Further details regarding giveaways at Hopeful Threads on the GIVEAWAYS page at the top of the blog.

Thanks again for being a part and good luck!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pet Treat Pouch - Free Sewing Tutorial

 I've got a simple and quick sewing tutorial for you today that's a great scrap buster!
It's for a Pet Treat Pouch.

Cut 2 rectangles from your fabrics. I used a cotton print for the outer and PUL for the inner, but you can use just about anything in your scrap bin. 
My rectangles are approximately 4.5" x 12.5". 

Pin your fabrics right sides facing, or if using PUL, you can sew the print side to the shiny side so your wipe-able shiny side will be on the inside of your finished pouch.

Position your ribbon loop near the top of one of the long sides. You'll need to point the loop according to how you want it to lay when finished, paying attention if you have a directional print. 
 Sew around the outside of your rectangle with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a small opening on one of the short ends for turning. I like to stitch back and forth an extra time over the ribbon to give it a little extra strength.

Turn your fabrics right sides out. Fold the bottom (the short end that is sewn closed) of your pouch up where you want it and pin in place.

Sew starting at one corner of the folded end, all the way around, being sure to catch the opening at the top. 

 I added a snap closure to each of mine to finish them, but you could also sew a small piece of velcro on for a closure. 

Your Treat Pouch can be hung by your door where it's easy to grab when the pets come in, worn on your belt for when you are on a walk or doing any kind of training exercise, or even put on your keychain.

Super easy sewing, perfect for our May Project!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Home-made Pet TREATS!

  This yummy donation for the May Project required peanut butter and oats instead of fabric and thread!
The kids LOVED getting to help with this and we made 4 batches! :)

They smelled so good mixing and baking, we could hardly wait for them to cool to see what Sophie thought. Sophie buries EVERYTHING!!! No really....everything. She LOVES to hide her treats and bones all over the back yard. But not these. She chomped down as many as I let the kids give her! 

When we were done baking, we broke out the scrapbooking supplies and made these little labels for the bags. We included the ingredients just in case. 
Slid a few treats in a cello bag, added our label, and we have a bunch ready to be added to our other donations for our fur friends this month!

Lots of creative ways to show our support for pets, pet care and bonding opportunities this month. 

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