Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Project FINALE!!!

Wow!!!! Another awesome month of sewing along with each of you for a special purpose!
Thank you for spreading the word and jumping in with both feet to show your support for the outreach of Sew For Kids and their programs that provide for families of the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations. We have no doubt made an impact on the current needs!
Here's just a GLIMPSE of the items provided by all of us this month...
7 Scarves
45+ Nursing Pad Sets + 25 Pouches
34 Blankets/Quilts
65 Hats/Caps
12 Pairs of Booties
226+ Washies/Cloth Wipes
8 Changing Pads
58 Burp Cloths
11 Pairs of Mittens
10 Swaddlers
3 Gowns/Onesies
5 Nursing Covers
8+ Diaper Bags
3+ Soft Toys/Books
6 Hooded Towels
7 Infant Pants
61 Bibs
4 Drawstring Backpacks
A Nursing Pillow, Wrap Carrier and MORE!!!!
Just take a look at our overflowing album!
I am so grateful to you all for every single item and I know that Sew For Kids is as well!

If you haven't yet, I invite you to follow Sew For Kids. The outreach they provide is ongoing and therefore, so is the need. Please keep them in mind anytime you would like to sew for the purpose of giving back!

Back tomorrow with the November Project! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sewing Essential - Fabric Grips

I recently bought a new cutting guide and when I went to use it the first time I was immediately reminded of a "Sewing Essential" that I am particularly fond of.

Fabric Grips.
 This just happens to be a very old vintage pack, but a little goes a long way, so a pack will last a while!

Fabric Grips are simply tiny sandpaper stickers that adhere to the back of your cutting guides to prevent the guide from sliding around as you cut your fabric. Simply apply them to the corners of your cutting guide, and center if it's an especially long guide.

And you're all set! They work beautifully! No more crooked cuts of fabric because you guide slipped and your also less likely to slip with that ultra sharp rotary blade too. OUCH! Hurts to even think about it!

Fabric Grips....a must have "Sewing Essential"!
For other items I consider essential in my sewing space, check out the "Sewing Essentials  tab at the top of the blog. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Charity Gift Market - Your HOLIDAY Connection to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Ok Friends....the holidays are coming! FAST!!! It's time to start planning and even shopping!
Today I want to share with you a resource for your shopping that allows you to GIVE BACK and MAKE A DIFFERENCE with EVERY PURCHASE!
From their page...
" is where you can shop for gifts made by nonprofits. Each gift tells an incredible story of HOPE. Your purchase changes lives."
And the marketplace is FREE for charities to use!

Gorgeous Handmade Jewelry
The list of items is remarkable, as is each story.
The prices are very competitive.
The impact is immeasurable!

Natural Dye Silk Scarves
Gift Sets
Candles, books, clothing, handbags, edibles, stationary, name it! 
All with a greater purpose of providing Fair Trade for artisans worldwide.
I hope you'll take a moment to learn more and consider how your gifts can give in even greater ways this holiday season.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Pattern Review - Ruffled Tuxedo Skirt by Aivilo Charlotte Designs

Excited to share another fabulous, FALL sewing finish with you today!
And I'm loving this absolutely ADORABLE skirt too!

This is the Ruffled Tuxedo Skirt by Aivilo Charlotte Designs.
 This was such a fun little skirt to sew! And super fast too. So fast, that when I couldn't decide which accent fabric I liked best for the ruffle trim, I just made two!

 The sweet tag came from Assunta Store and the fabric is the same I've used for each of my other daughter's fall skirts, so they can all match now! :) 

Little Bit picked her favorite trim, but what about you? Which is your favorite? I'm still undecided.
This pattern would be a perfect pattern for a beginner, but an experienced seamstress will also love the sweetness and almost instant gratification it offers too!
You can find the pattern in the Aivilo Charlotte Designs shop here

Sewing Experience Level: Beginner
Size Range: Little Girls 2-5
Special Techniques: Ruffling, elastic waistband
Pattern Format: PDF
Materials Used: Cotton Woven Prints. Collection - Apple/Timeless Treasures 
Personal Notes: Fun and easy to sew and a great fit! I can see this skirt in fabrics for every season!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Contemporary Cloth - Project Donation!

When Sondra at Contemporary Cloth saw our project this month, she wanted to know how she could best help. Knowing how very cold the months ahead will be on the Reservations, she wanted to provide the fabric for a couple of quilts. So, she is sending an incredible bundle of these GORGEOUS Cloud 9 fabrics to Sew For Kids just for that!
The outer prints are all 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabrics, and the center is an Organic Cotton Flannel for the backings, all from the incredible Cloud 9.

I know Carol at Sew For Kids will turn these fabrics into some gorgeous, warm gifts for the Babies & Mamas of the Reservations! Enjoy Carol! :)

Thank you for this generous gift Contemporary Cloth! 
Your support is so very much appreciated!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pattern Review - Goodship Dress by One Girl Circus

 I recently had the pleasure of testing this absolutely darling dress for Karen of One Girl Circus
This is her newest pattern, the Goodship Dress. 
This is one of the sweetest dresses I have ever sewn!
The sailor collar and big bow are perfectly charming, and I love the open pleats in the front that allow you the opportunity to compliment your fabric selections.
The pattern is so incredibly well written and offers detailed instructions for every step with each one providing the most professional finish. 

The pattern has just released for purchase and you can find it here, along with many more variations to  inspire your own creation! Read more about her Shirley Temple inspiration here too! :) Very sweet, and I think she nailed it!
You can find additional information and tutorials on the One Girl Circus site as well.

Sewing Experience Level: Intermediate
Size Range: Girls 2 - 13/14
Special Techniques: Bias Enclosed seams, French seams, attaching collar
Pattern Format: PDF
Materials Used: Cotton Woven
Personal Notes: This is such a darling dress and a fun pattern to sew. The construction methods are unique, creative and thoughtful making for a most enjoyable sewing experience and a finished project you will be proud to say you made.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Attaching Reversible Buttons

 I shared a reversible jumper I had made a couple of days ago, and today wanted to share some tips about attaching reversible buttons. 

First, position and begin stitching your button on one side of the garment.
Then you will center the reverse button on the opposite side. As you begin stitching it in place, you will also be reinforcing the stitches of the alternate button on the backside.
 Continue stitching until both buttons are securely in place. 
 When you are ready to tie of the stitching, knot your thread just far enough up that you can pull it back through with the knot caught between your buttons and therefore hidden.
 Your buttons may be so securely attached that it makes them difficult to slip through your buttonholes. If so, wrap it around the backside of each button multiple times, creating a space behind your button to allow for fastening through the buttonhole. When satisfied, tie off your threads and clip. 
 Beautifully finished and positioned, reversible buttons. 


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gemini Jumper FALL Style!

This is't the first time you've seen this adorable pattern here, and I love it's versatility!
 This is the Gemini Jumper by Little Comet Tails. This time, made in heavier weight fabrics perfect for the cooler months that have arrived. 
One side is made from this vintage denim print, complete with a matching pocket and ric rac trim.

 The reverse side is a light weight corduroy with a coordinating applique of the denim print. 

Not only is it perfectly adorable, but it will carry us right through winter with a long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck and some tights. LOVE IT!!! And so does my lil' bit! ;)
Find the Gemini Jumper pattern in the Little Comet Tails shop here

See some of my other versions of this adorable pattern here and here

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pattern Review - Penelope Panel Skirt by Serendipity Studio

If you are looking for a skirt with sophisticated flare, look no further!
My oldest daughter has quite an eye for fabric combination and stylish designs, and likes to provide her input for the clothing items I make for her these days. She does a great job and I welcome every bit of it! :) She's also learned that her requests typically take longer to make and that means that they typically fall at the end of the list, but we have both learned that it's usually worth the wait. Such is the case with this beautiful skirt.
 This is the Penelope Panel Skirt from the Fashion Formula Skirts booklet by Serendipity Studio. 
She and I both love this booklet! It offers 3 different skirt options, each with multiple variations, so the possibilities really are endless. This is my second skirt for her from this booklet, you can see the first one here
 This skirt gave the option of a drawstring or elastic waist, she chose the drawstring made from the same print as the skirt trim. 
 The ruffling of the panels is called "shirring" in the pattern, but isn't elastic shirring like I'm used to on a machine, but rather a gathering of each panel. This step was a bit tedious and I think I will play with other ways to finish this step when sewing this skirt again. However, we both LOVE the way it looks!

She was perfectly pleased with the finish and I love the way it fits her! She proudly wore it out the first chance she got, which of course makes me very happy and want to sew for her more! She's a real sweetie anyway! ;)
Having so much FALL sewing fun here!

Sewing Experience Level: Intermediate, though a determined Beginner could certainly pull it off too!
Size Range: Women's Hip Sizes 34-50"
Special Techniques: Button hole, panel gathering, fabric piecing.
Pattern Format: Paper - Part of a booklet.
Materials Used: Cotton woven prints. Collection - Apple/Timeless Treasures
Personal Notes: Both my daughter and myself love this pattern booklet. This is one we have used before and are sure to again and many possibilities!

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