Friday, March 30, 2012

Dolly Donations - An Ongoing Opportunity! (and free dolly pattern links!)

If you have enjoyed creating plushies for donation this month or haven't yet had a chance to, I wanted to share an on-going opportunity for you to continue giving back this way.

Dolly Donations does just that! Click the image above to learn more and find out about current opportunities for you to participate. Additionally, you can find this free dolly pattern provided by Dolls & Daydreams...
This site also provides LOADS of information and creative tips for sewing dollies.

Here's some other links to free dolly patterns/tutorials I think are super sweet too.
Black Apple Doll at Martha
Softie Doll by Seventy Piggies
Rag Doll by Becoming Martha
Keep sewing and spreading that squishy, softie love!


Melissa said...

Those are adorable - they would make any child smile :)

Suz said...

If you are looking for super cute cloth dolls, you should check out the flickr photostream from :)

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