Friday, June 29, 2012

Pillow Talk

All of the accents we have been making for the new room makeover have been fun, but I think these are my favorites of all....the PILLOW PILE!
 The large pillows are what I call "Scrappy Stuffed Pillows". I have boxes that sit by my cutting table and serger to catch all my scraps while I'm working. I saw the idea on one of my sewing boards years ago where someone would keep pillow forms cut from muslin by their serger to cut scraps at thought "What a GREAT idea!". These are the first I've made....though I'm sure they won't be my last!
 Simple as: 1 - Scraps
2. Muslin cut in the shape you want your pillow
3. Stuff your pillow form
4. Slip-stitch closed
 For our large pillows, we used strips of our fabric cut based on the measurements of our "Scrappy Stuffed Pillow" inserts to make our pillow covers.

 These sweet accent pillows were made following the Willow Small Pillows with Pom Poms from our Girl's World book. We both just loved these little pillows!

 And OF COURSE, no Girl's World inspired room would be complete without George. :) (another darling project from the book!)
 This fluffy pile is going to top of her bed perfectly!
Not much left now....

Room finish coming soon!


Poppy (xperimentl) said...

You've been so busy. If I had a room like that, I might never come out.

Heidi said...

I love all the pillows. Your daughter's room is going to be so cute. All these posts make me want some of that fabric.

Melissa said...

I love the idea of your scrapy stuffed pillows! I have been saving my scraps for pet beds for animal shelters, but this is definitely another great option! George turned out great!!!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I haven't seen cushions filled with scraps for a long time. I made some with scraps of fake fur, left over from another project, when we were first married. The small cushions remind me of cushions from the 70s with the button in the centre. Yours are such fun, modern cushions with the pom poms and the gorgeous fabrics. They are going to look great on the bed!!!

Christie said...

The scrappy pillow idea is such a good one. I'm going to borrow that one for sure.

ChrisW Designs said...

Always looking for ideas to use up my scraps....and I have a LOT of them! LOLL Now that I have been reminded, i remember my mum making pillows from scraps many moons ago!!
- ChrisW Designs

Williams said...

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