Monday, July 30, 2012

PRIZES!!! PRIZES!!! PRIZES!!! Recap of what's being given away!

This weekend we crossed over 200 pairs of shorts sewn for little boys in our album!!!!
Thank you! Thank you all so much for jumping on board with this so enthusiastically and contributing such great looking shorts with your time, talents & resources!
You inspire me, challenge me, humble me and astound me!

Pause for a moment and soak it in.
OVER 200 little boys will have NEW shorts!!! And not just new shorts purchased for them, but handmade specifically and lovingly for them. Picture them. Picture their smiling faces running off to play wearing the shorts that YOU have sewn.

Ok. add to the excitement and fun, here's a big ol' bundled look at all the goodies up for grabs from some very generous sponsors this month!!!
OOOOOOoooooo!!!! :)
* Banyan Pattern 
* Sewing For Boys Book
Further details here. 

 * Monster Mash Pattern
Further details here.

* Playdate Backpack filled w/ goodies
Further details here.

* Boy Bundle
Further details here.

* Bungle Jungle Fat Eighth Bundle

6 Fabulous Prizes!!!! Seriously wishing I could win!!! :)
But super excited that 6 of the seamstresses who have sewn shorts to donate to this month's project will! I'll randomly select winners from the shorts in our flickr group album tomorrow at Noon (EST) and announce the winners here! Be sure your pics are in the album by then to qualify!

Once again your generosity and team spirit have been such a blessing and had such an impact on the needs of another! You all are such a special group that I am beyond blessed to be a part of!

See you tomorrow to celebrate our FINALE!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Congrats, Kristy, on doubling your original goal!!!

Melissa said...

And thank you Kristy for being the life force behind it all!

Bright Angel said...

So glad I could be a part of this project. The shorts all look amazing! I love your projects Kristy!

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