Monday, January 28, 2013

FUN Flannel PJ Shorts!

 Vintage + Modern = Totally FUN!!! 
When I asked the kids what kind of PJs they wanted this year, my oldest requested flannel shorts. I grabbed this vintage pattern from my stash and immediately remembered this pin, that had inspired me to have a little fun making these more than just plain pjs. And fun I had making these!

Each pair individually and uniquely embellished with a variety of trims I had tucked in my stash. 
I LOVE working with trims!!! 
Each of my girls got froggie ones like this in time for Christmas. :)

And of course some of my favorite sewing labels to add that final touch!
 And since I was on a roll, I made these 4 pair for each of my volley ball playing nieces.
Hope they like them as much as my girls do theirs! 

Hope you are having some FUN sewing times too!


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! These are adorable!

Kellie Staton said...

They are great! I LOVE the fuzzy trim on the peace ones. I would have never have thought of that. I am going to have to do that for my niece, she will love it too. Aren't Rebecca's labels the best? I have more than I will ever use and find myself getting more each time she has a buy.

Christie said...

They are all so fun!! Those trims are so cute! I especially love the retro cassette ones!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

They all look great, Kristy!!! I especially like the peace signs fabric and the orange ruffle shorts. An online friend and I were chatting about vintage the other day... if 70s patterns are vintage, what does that make us... LOL!!!

Maria said...

Lovely...some very swish shorts there!!

Jodi - usairdoll said...

You always amaze me! These are too cute! Great job!

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