Monday, February 18, 2013

Keepin' In Touch!

Hey Friends!
As our incredible Creative Community continues to grow, I just want to remind you of a few ways to stay connected and in the loop with what's going on at Hopeful Threads each month. You can additionally find links to all of these in the sidebar.

First, and likely most popular, we are on facebook.
I know everyone doesn't like to use it, but it has been a GREAT way for our community to interact with one another and easily link to ideas and tutorials throughout the month as we keep up with our project progress. 

You can of course subscribe to this blog through GFC - Google Friend Connect. The little "Join this Site" that shows your sweet profile picture OR via FeedBurner email at the very top of the sidebar.

Also have the Networked Blogs option for those who like to keep everything in one convenient and personalized place.

If you are on Twitter, you can find me there too! @hopefulthreads

And who doesn't LOVE the creative time vacuum known as Pinterest!?!?! 
Yep, you got it, we're there too! And with LOADS of links to fun sewing tutorials, tips, pattern lists and gorgeous fabric images to drool over as you are inspired to Get Sewin'!

We typically have a new album each month to share what we are sewing for that specific project. You can find it, again, in the sidebar, near the top.

You are always, always, always welcome to email me too! :)

Ok...I think that covers least for now!


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