Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bibs in ALL Sizes...did you get the FREE pattern?

Just wanted to make sure that you all saw that Bonnie over at Fishsticks Designs modified the pattern from last month's project to include infant and toddler sizes as a gift to all of us for sewing so many beautiful bibs! :) You can get it on her blog here. Thanks Bonnie!

The pattern now includes sizes Infant, Toddler, Big Kid & Adult, covering all possible needs.

I was thrilled to see this! 
My Lil' Man needed some new bibs and he really doesn't like that scratchy velcro on most of the store bought bibs....soooooo.....this weekend I used this fabulous pattern in the Infant size to whip him up a soft & squishy stack of new bibs. They were quick to make and turned out absolutely adorable I think!

 I layered mine with a print flannel, a hidden layer of Killington Flannel (my absolute FAVORITE flannel!) and each was backed with a soft blue fleece. In addition to making them even more soft and squishy, the fleece also acts as a leak-resistant barrier which is GREAT for my lil' spitter! ;) 
I really like that the snap is on the side too. This makes it easier to put on and also keeps him from having anything hard to potentially lay on and be uncomfortable.

I think I've found my GO-TO bib pattern for all ages and occasions!
Thanks again Bonnie!


Bonnie @ Hem Me In said...

Squeee! They are adorable, Kristy!

Kellie Staton said...

So cute!! Where did you find Ooga flannel? I adore Ooga fabric. I have my niece convinced it is wonderful too. She squeals when I make her anything Ooga. She is 9 now so I am sure that won't last too much longer, LOL.

KaHolly said...

This bib pattern is a little different. I'll have to give it a try! Still, I think I'd use a velcro closure.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

It's very generous of Bonnie! Your bibs look great, Kristy! I have that a few yards of that robot flannelette waiting to become the backing for a quilt that isn't made yet.

Mara said...

So cute! I want to wear one!

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