Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's Talk Textiles - Flannels &'re perfect winter fabrics!

It's time to talk textiles again with our friend Kim from Fabric Outlet!
With winter months approaching we start thinking about warmer and cozier things to make, especially as Christmas gifts.  So I thought you might like to read a bit about flannels and fleece to help you shop for those fabrics with confidence! 

   There are several different grades of flannel, from the thick and thirsty to the almost thread barren see through look.  Remember to look for a name brand, you won't be disappointed that it costs a little more.  Ask the sales clerk if it is a "quilting flannel", those are the best grade and they won't pill up after one or two washes! And always wash flannel before you start your project because it has a much higher percent of shrinkage than other types of cottons. 
  There are several different kinds of fleece too! Regular polyester fleece will look the same on both sides, you won't see any weft. There is no need to wash it as shrinkage is minimal.   Micro fleece, Sweatshirt fleece, Minky fleece and especially Cuddle fleece are so soft and yummy but not recommended for tie blankets because they will shred when you cut your strips. I have seen many people who bring in something they bought from elsewhere without knowing the difference and had a mess on their hands. Be sure to buy Anti-Pill fleece, all fleece will pill eventually but Anti-Pill will last much longer without looking any different wash after wash. 

   I will be posting lots of flannels for this coming Friday Sale on my page!  Have fun creating!

Fabric Outlet has an amazing selection of FLEECES & FLANNELS in-stock and at outstanding prices!

Find Fabric Outlet on facebook here, where she lists all her newest arrivals, sales and specials!

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