Monday, December 8, 2014

A Favorite Things Giveaway - SMS Giveaway Day!!!

I've been wanting to say "THANK YOU!!!" for all of your support and participation this year, and have been gathering items with this in mind, so what better way than a GIVEAWAY!!! I figured the SMS Giveaway Day was the perfect opportunity to do so! 

I'm putting together a FABULOUS surprise bundle of some of my favorite things....some sewing....some just special treats! I'll update this post throughout the week with some pictures of fun things I've found to include in the bundle, so be sure and stop back by and take a peek! :)'s that peek!

  • A Laura Ashley pencil box perfect for storing little notions and such.
  • Post-It Notes....can't hardly imagine life without them!
  • A roll of my favorite RED Scotch tape.....the only tape for PDF pattern assembly!
  • Jelly Belly goodness
  • Sewing patterns
  • Thread pack with threader and thimble
  • Fabric (OF COURSE!!!)
  • Woven labels to personalize your handmade items
  • A unique pattern coloring book......and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My giveaway is open for US shipping. HOWEVER....if you are an international participant of our projects and have sent items in support of any of our 2014 projects, then you are also invited to enter!  I appreciate you all so very much and know the added expense that shipping can be!

Here's how to enter.....
Have fun and Happy Giveaway MADNESS!!! 


Marilyn said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Mara said...

I didn't sew with you this year, but I will be making some more time for next year.

Dorian said...

I haven't sewn with you. But I follow your blog and am thankful there are people out there who are making life a little easier for others. Thanks for all you do, it's a wonderful thing :)

Havplenty said...

I applaud your efforts of outreach and bringing sunshine into the lives of others. Thanks for the opportunity to visit your blog and read of your journey.


DebraKay Neiman said...

I am new here, did not sew with you in 2014 but hope to follow you in 2015. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA! crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

Shanna said...

I did not sew with you before, but what a wonderful project!!! I will be following in 2015, thanks for what you do!

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