Monday, February 9, 2015

Babyville Boutique - Adorable Woodland Diaper Covers!

 It feels so good to have had a bit of sewing time this weekend! With a variety of sicknesses bouncing about our home for over a month now, everything but "survival mode" necessities like laundry and baths have been pushed a little further back on the priority list. This weekend I finally got to spend the entire day Saturday in my sewing room and it was sooooo good!

These sweet diaper covers are a few of the things that have been waiting far too long for me to get to, and I'm so happy to have them finished!
 My Littlest Fella is a very heavy wetter....the heaviest of all of my 6 children! He manages to leak through about every diapering combination we come up with! He has to be double diapered for bedtime, and so that requires a larger than normal cover. We had reached the point that we only had one that would easily work for this. And these new ones are sooo much nicer and more comfortable for him to wear!

I made each of the covers using the Cloth Diapers Made Easy pattern book by Babyville Boutique. You can read more about my sewing from this book on my previous posts HERE and HERE.

The covers are trimmed in a soft Fold Over Elastic that makes a very nice and easy finish, but also makes the covers easier on my Little One's legs since regular elastic can often leave red marks when on overnight. 

I used snaps for the closures on my covers. Snaps are durable and will often last much longer than the alternative hook & loop closures. Plus, they are more challenging for toddlers to take off of themselves too! ;)
The snaps require reinforcement, so I simply used scraps from my diaper cuts. The Cloth Diapers Made Easy book includes instructions on this as well.  

A new item we got to try from Babyville Boutique, are the Boutique Snake Soakers and let me just say, WE LOVE THEM!!!!! They are the perfect solution to our little heavy wetter! The Soakers are long enough that you can fold them over however works best for your diapering needs. Unlike most other types of cloth diaper soakers/inserts, they are topped with a plush microfleece which is not only safe against babies skin, it helps keep it dry!

And does it get any cuter than prints like this!?!?!? I remember when I first started sewing cloth diapers near 8 years ago, it was nearly impossible to find fun waterproof prints to sew with! Babyville Boutique offers a great selection that is easy to get your hands on at your local JoAnn's store. (and did I mention you can use a coupon!???) ;)

Another added bonus that I adore are the personalized sew-on tags they offer to coordinate with all the cute prints and colors! 
I love my tags!

 And if you're wondering about fit.....well, it's GREAT!!! Here's my Little One wearing his favorite cover getting ready for bed. Mama can't believe how big he's getting! For reference, he is 2 years old, 28 pounds, and this is the size Large from the book above with a diaper and the Snake Soaker. Full coverage in spite of the extra bulk = pleased parents and a DRY bed!!!
Babyville products are also so versatile that they work well with items you may already have in your stash too, like the camo FOE and little fox label I've used with these covers.

You can find this cuteness and more, like I mentioned, at your local JoAnn's and other sewing shops, as well as on line at

As always, a warm THANK YOU to Babyville Boutique for providing materials for me to sew and share with you, and in this case, my family! 


Snoodles said...

Awesome solution to the problem! Love the cute prints, too!

Grammy's Treehouse said...

Hi ...Just happened across your site this morning...Not very good at this blogging thing.

Would like to contact you by email. This should include mine. Have been working out of the Babyville Book. Made several doz. sets for friends of my children who are financially challenged. Would love to work with you!

Kristy said...

Thanks @Jacque!

And Grammy's Treehouse, I've emailed you back! :)

eferguson said...

Favorite Babyville products from their site are the PUL pattern book and Cloth Diaper pattern book.

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