Thursday, June 4, 2015

June. Off to a great start + summer goals!

We have had a great start to June & our summer break so far!
Monday, we had the privilege of delivering 166 stuffed friends to our Juvenile Court to be gifted to children in foster care. I've already received warm and encouraging messages about how well received our FLUFF Project donations are too! 
 That's right, to date, we have delivered 1,189 stuffed friends for children in foster care! 
Sooooo exciting! And I can't wait to make more! 

I have several stuffed friend patterns on my "To Sew" list for the summer! It's always hard to narrow down which one to sew next, I love them all! 
That's just one of the many things on my goals list for the summer no particular order, here are some of the (maybe a bit lofty) things I hope to accomplish over the next few months.

Cook more, especially with my children.
Sew curtains for my youngest daughter's room. (FINALLY!!!)
Fresh paint for several rooms in our home.
New skirts for my girls.
Sew "Busy Bags" & Totes for the foster closet.
Read some chapter books aloud to my kiddos.
Gifts for our local Animal Shelter.
Participate in library events.
Sort my patterns. ALL of them! 
Visit the zoo.
Help my youngest daughter, now 5, sew her first "something".
Create a pattern/tutorial for a special medical comfort item.
Sew some adult sized bibs for my grandfather.
Make new oven mitts, potholders and such for our kitchen.
Go on a picnic.
And, take a few naps! ;)

Whew!!! I'm already tired just planning it! :)
We shall see just how much I'm able to get done.....I always tend to over estimate. 

How about you? Any great summer plans?
Any new patterns or recipes you hope to try?
Would love to hear, so feel free to share in the comments, and hope you have a GREAT summer whatever you choose to do with your time!


AmyS said...

Good luck, and enjoy all of your fun summer plans! What's your foster closet? (I really want to learn more about the foster system, and get your thoughts on some things I have read. I will email you about that!).
My main things for this summer: I want to continue de-cluttering my house, first of all. I want to knit socks for several friends, and knit lots of other things, too! I also want to finish up the tags I am making for you now, and come up with a new idea for the next batch. ;-)

JLVerde said...

I want to make a quilt for me. I just finished one for a trade (the first "real" sized quilt I ever made!) so now I need to make one for my house. I have two tops finished so that's like being a third of the way done, right?

I also want to make this great big whale and loch ness monster I have patterns for but since they'd just be clutter after I made them I keep putting it off (though I have pulled fabrics for the whale).

I want to give my craft rooms a makeover, too. But that's kind of involved so I just think about it a bit and then forget about it (also, it's the third floor of my house which is HOT in the summer so. . .not keen to go up there and exert myself).

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